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SEO Google is .ing out with new products and services, this is exciting and beneficial to SEO captains and the such, its apparent that Google is appealing to the small business owners and the internet marketers that service them, Chicago SEO Services are taking notice and they should. One of the programs that is new with Google in their Engage program that requires the then participants take an online course (more of a refresher really) on their Campaign management UI and the philosophy behind it. There are quizzes after each section that are not too hard and are good for beginners. Its apparent Google wants small business to be.e more involved in internet advertising, of course using their adwords program, for those who have participated in the Engage program coupons redeemable for $ 110 each are awarded to be used for advertising, these when properly configured can be stretched to last as long as a month depending on the campaign setup. This is a good deal and should be taken advantage of by anybody who has a website for a .mercial venture. Also available through Engage are more involved online courses that would enable someone to be.e certified through Google as a Marketing partner (non-affiliated of course), there is a cost to take the exam, and my personal feeling that they should of made this free it would have only made the whole thing more attractive. Vital .puter services is .pliant to any new ideas Google .e up with, they after all the king of search engines, I had made .ment in past articles about Google academia and how one day we would be sending our kids to Google University for their diplomas, little did I know it was already on the frontier, I must have been in a psyche zone? As the developer of VCS, I am inclined to get myself certified in Google multiple account and campaign management, it can only be a plus on my resume and info page. And the coupons dont hurt either; I have already started advertising the use and availability of the coupons on my website. The Chicago Internet marketing field and industry is starting to heat up, I want to be ready for it. Keywords like Chicago SEO and Google services or Chicago SEO and Google products are going to be traffic magnets, I have already started to employ them, Vital .puter Services is determined to ride the wave, be on the edge and outsmart our .petition. Being a Google influenced vendor will enhance our ability to satisfy our clients with the best SEO, SEM services. I will continue to write articles and share what knowledge I gain with the Internet Marketing .munity, as I see no negative or advantage in sharing what is .monly know with Googles newest products and services, any good SEO developer should be keeping abreast of any new developments happening in this very .petitive field, I am glad I am back in the Chicago Market, Phoenix was wearing me down. PPC campaign management will continue to take its turns, have its ups and downs and that is acceptable, what field in IT does not go through this on almost a monthly basis, Marketing is a very creative industry, and when creative thought and development drive a industry, it can have the most dynamic concepts to digest on even a daily basis. I am going to go out on a limb here and predict the next big thing in marketing across the board, that is Marketing based on group and personal intention, if you can understand Quantum Physics and apply the observant or participant angle of this very new and hard to accept science, the horizon has just disappeared. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: