Get used to getting the bank to give you money

These cards have a habit of bank to send you money – some people think that the Sohu financial credit card is the result of impulse consumption great scourges, some people think that credit card is a rare money weapon, in fact, it mainly depends on the cardholder’s consumption habits and attitudes. Therefore, in order to better let the credit card for our service, we must develop good habits with the card, let us look at the good habit, you need to get. credit card will not easily lend to others some fastidious buddy loyalty, as long as the friend said put credit cards easily lend to others, you are my friends, you are my thing "," my card is your card, you just brush for money". We moved to this buddy loyalty such behavior, also worry about credit card for your credit based overdraft consumption, if you really want to help a friend, would you please give him cash rather than lend him a card! Not because of the credit card and blind consumption in card owners, there is a "not for shopping only for integral" star people, their purpose is not to meet the shopping needs of life, but in order to obtain consumption points, with points for gifts. In fact, in a sense, this is not worthwhile. Carefully calculate an account, the amount of gift points how much money? How much did you spend for the points? Don’t for integral and unnecessary waste, really love points to exchange gifts, just take a picture on the Internet search, with anything! WeChat opened a public platform for credit card SMS trading tips or attention to the issuing bank credit card in order to ensure the financial security, WeChat recommends that everyone open public platform credit card SMS trading tips or attention to the issuing bank, so that you can receive real-time trading tips, grasp the dynamic consumption. Credit card after the timely recording of consumption and the consumption amount of the day you have this experience: after receiving the bill, the first reaction is to feel not spend so much money, why the bill so amazing? In order to avoid the occurrence of similar situations, you need to develop credit card immediately after recording consumption habits, now memos, accounting software, voice input method so much, write down the end of the month, eliminating the trouble of reconciliation, Why not?? Just get the good credit card habits, then you can get credit cards for their own use, but not reduced to slavery. Not only the minimum amount usually monthly bills, credit card center will give the cardholder sent a message to inform the current amount and the minimum amount, many people think that have a minimum amount of Everything will be fine., the rest can also slowly, after a few months to get the bill only to find a few more inexplicable interest expense. The minimum amount of personal credit guarantee is not damaged, or to pay interest, and interest is very scary. Together with the interest of the principal, the bank will be included in the next month, the principal, and then according to the new principal amount of interest, endless. Therefore, if it is not really no money to pay, or the money on hand for the higher interest rate financial products, must be on time every month in full arrears. Not free to take.相关的主题文章: