From January next year, Guangzhou to Koh Samui daily class schedule

From January next year, Guangzhou to Koh Samui daily class schedule   Thailand Bangkok airlines in Guangzhou yesterday announced that from January 21, 2017 the official opening of Guangzhou non-stop flights to Koh Samui, daily class schedule, the Airbus A319 aircraft to fly. After sailing, Guangzhou to Koh Samui will no longer transit through Bangkok or take a flight to Hongkong.     Bangkok Airlines introduced, Guangzhou – Koh Samui to go flight number PG882, 04:30 off from Guangzhou every day, 07:15 arrived in Koh Samui. The return flight number PG881, take off from Koh Samui at 21:40 every day and arrive at Guangzhou on the second day 02:15. The lowest price of the round-trip ticket is RMB 2630 yuan (excluding tax). Samui Airport is invested by Bangkok airlines, so all passengers with Bangkok Airlines boarding pass can use the VIP lounge in the airport, enjoy free snacks and drinks, and wireless network.     Koh Samui is located in the Gulf of Thailand is the third largest island of Thailand, numerous beaches on the island, clear white sand, charming scenery, is a popular tourist destination island. The head of Bangkok Airlines estimates that Guangzhou direct route will greatly facilitate the residents of the Pearl River Delta to travel and vacation in Koh Samui. Editor in chief: GDN007 明年1月起广州可直飞苏梅岛 班期为每天一班   泰国曼谷航空公司昨日在广州宣布,从2017年1月21日起正式开通广州至苏梅岛直飞航线,班期为每天一班,采用空客A319飞机执飞。开航后,广州到苏梅岛将不用再经过曼谷中转或到香港乘坐飞机。   曼谷航空介绍,广州—苏梅岛去程航班号PG882,每天04:30从广州起飞,07:15抵达苏梅岛。返程航班号PG881,每天21:40从苏梅岛起飞,第二天02:15到达广州。往返票最低价格为人民币2630元(未含税费)。苏梅岛机场由曼谷航空投资兴建,因此所有旅客持有曼谷航空的登机牌均可使用机场里的贵宾厅,享受免费的小吃和饮料以及无线网络。   苏梅岛位于泰国湾,是泰国第三大岛,岛上沙滩众多,水清沙白,景致迷人,是热门的海岛旅游目的地。曼谷航空公司负责人估计广州直达航线开通后,将大大方便珠三角的居民前往苏梅岛旅游度假。 责任编辑: GDN007相关的主题文章: