Find out the real intention of this round of market regulation

Find out the real intention of this round of property market regulation from September 30th to yesterday, Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Xiamen, Suzhou, Hefei and other 19 cities have issued a new regulation of the property market. Roughly the same as the previous market regulation, the main means of this round of market regulation is still the restriction and limited credit, individual and Nanjing city also supporting the introduction of the regulation and control of land supply, control of land auction price, the highest auction limited funds last arrival deadline policy. The current round of regulation, before the city of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing and several other published a round of regulatory policy, this is overweight on the original control policy. The reason is because the effect of overweight, early implementation of the policy is not obvious, the price is still not "pressure", the gap and vulnerability of speculative buyers could not be blocked. Hefei, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Nanning and other 5 provincial capital cities to join the ranks of regulation, quite eye-catching. In recent months, the prices of these 5 cities have been one or a few rounds of speculation, attracting a large number of foreign speculative tenants to buy high prices. In recent years, the 5 city industrial transformation and upgrading and emerging industry good momentum, high prices may be blocked entrepreneurial talent dreams on the road. These have forced the local government introduced regulatory policy, the price rally for limited intervention". National Day, the individual four line of the city such as Jiangsu Kunshan city has also issued the "double order in advance". The four line of the city had to inventory the effect is generally poor, which should be the focus to the inventory, the four line of the city is now individual to implement "double limit", mainly because of their distance too close to the big city or the super city (such as Kunshan from Shanghai, just an hour), driven by the big city or the super city radiation, housing prices soared. Property market regulation of the object involved, the impact of the complex, which is also evident. Because the market real estate funds to the body is too big, part of the big city, the capital city and prefecture level city began to market regulation, by blocking the real funds, it is possible to house prices rose yet, has not been implemented in the capital city and prefecture level city loan purchase "offensive", eventually forcing more city batches into the ranks of the purchase of credit limit. With the regulation scope and efforts to increase the momentum of soaring housing prices as can be effectively curbed, but we should be rational to control policy target interpretation, recognized around the introduction of regulatory policy is not to make rapid, prices fell sharply, but in order to curb property speculation, squeezing property investment, slow digestion property bubble, avoid the risk of collapse in order to the target level, stable prices higher. It is worth noting that, as the municipality directly under the central government, Beijing, Tianjin and three cities have implemented a number of rounds of credit limit purchase policy, but Chongqing is very calm". These years, Chongqing house prices rose very soft, so there is no use of administrative means to regulate the property market. The real estate industry in Chongqing has not been as a pillar industry, the government from the source of land supply, the real estate credit link, not to the real estate as the government’s "shake Qian Shu" and the rich investment channels, and more to meet the housing needs of residents of the people’s livelihood projects. This is consistent with the years of Chongqing to do a good job in innovation economy, vigorously develop the real economy this big article about. The effective development of the real economy, the government will be adequate tax revenue, adequate tax revenue on the well-off, you can cut.相关的主题文章: