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Figs can eat like this, and it’s worth the high price of it! Sohu and warm temperate climate in the northern hemisphere season and New Zealand seasons the difference is not very lush plant growth and varieties are many clever cooks naturally has a strange ride this was in fact only collocation is almond slices common and not a common fig fruit in China, fresh fig is indeed first of all it rare good storage, naturally not good transportation. Secondly, it chills afraid of the cold, in the northern hemisphere winter absolutely not live long so people at home usually made of dried figs so as to save it and is not easy to corruption, but this time we want to use fresh and dried figs sprinkle almonds also brush a Apricot pectin layer distribution of bread core compaction crushed almonds grains and dried figs are middle and a half cut fresh figs this bread is delicious. Do not need to taste other collocation things if love to eat cheese so blue cheese is a good choice oh New Zealand almond bread fig practice: 1, the production of sponge sourdough in a large bowl, high flour, yeast, sugar and water mixing with powder paste. Attention will be on the edge of the batter are blown into the bottom of the bowl, cover with plastic wrap, the short fermentation fermentation at room temperature for 1 hours, the longest 24 hours. Small baking is usually room temperature fermentation after half an hour, put into a cold storage fermentation, about 7-10 hours. 2, the production of the main dough: first with another bowl, the main flour in the flour, whole wheat flour and yeast powder mixed evenly, and then covered in the fermentation of the head, the top layer of salt, wrapped in plastic wrap. Fermentation at room temperature for 1 hours. 3, and face: with the chef machine at the lowest speed and even dough, can be put in a little olive oil (about 10g), but small baked girls usually do not put, and even after the film covered with a static set for 20 minutes. 4, with the speed and mix until the dough is smooth and elastic, it takes about 7 minutes stirring, stirring well after standing for 10 minutes. 5, put the dough upside down on a little sprinkle flour on the board, roll into a rectangle, covered with almonds and figs, roll up and then flatten the dried fruit, make uniform distribution, then the whole circle. 6, fermentation: in a large container with a little bit of olive oil, put the dough into the room temperature fermentation than twice as large as the original, the ambient temperature of 28 degrees takes about 90 minutes. 7, plastic: the dough upside down on the board, and then divided into 2 parts, do not need to take as much as gas, the growth of spare strip. 8, decoration: fresh fig half cutting into the dough, sprinkle the almonds, if the trouble can also directly sprinkle chopped almonds. 9, the final fermentation: Toast box or pound cake mold grease, and then gently into the dough, fermentation 1.5-2 times to the original, with a finger gently push will slowly rebound, rebound too fast is not good, is too disheartened by fermentation. If the dough o相关的主题文章: