Fast to your dog with a GPS it lost on the high-tech anti it (video) plustek

Give your dog with a GPS high anti lost rely on it Tencent digital news (chares) for pet dogs, the development of the unknown curiosity is always in their nature, but as the host, to do the intimate care for dogs every hour and moment there is, for lack of ability, you can not always expect your dog the next second will appear in what place, but with this new generation of FindSter Duo GPS pet tracker, everything is very simple. Even if not in sight, you can still easily find the dog position through the mobile phone APP FindSter on the map, like hide and seek, in order to ensure that the two kinds of early warning mode set the dog’s safety FindSter APP, is a real-time monitoring mode, you can set up the safe area and hazardous areas of pets in the APP, if you pet over the safety zone, FindSter APP will quickly alert. Give your dog with a GPS high anti lost depends on it. The other is a virtual belt model, such as walking together and pet, FindSter APP will set up a circular safe area around you, if the pet is out of the safe area, you will be notified immediately, call it back. After the end of the walk, FindSter APP will accurately record each step you walk with your pet, leaving you the best memories. In addition, the APP can also provide you with a dog a large amount of data information, to meet the personalized needs of pets, such as need more exercise or rest at what time it can through the intelligent dog, your mobile phone released timely warning, the emergence of FindSter can help the owner to take better care of the pet’s life, even if the dog is not in on the side, foster family friends, where you can still see it all to life by FindSter APP, if you have more than a pet, it is Never mind, Findster Duo tracker can simultaneously monitor 5 pets. Because the precise calculation of the pet walking mileage, FindSter APP can also get a pet food intake need according to the data, let you provide precise scientific diet plan for pets, FindSter Duo does not require a network connection, GPS positioning system independent of telecom operators, because this is not subject to any geographical restrictions, you can use the heart whenever and wherever possible. Due to the adoption of Maze technology, FindSter Duo prototype by two square signal receiver consists of support with USB charger, lightweight and easy to carry, signal transmitter receiving range of two pieces of nearly 3.2 km long distance, and can fully meet the need to avoid the dog, do not need a network connection. Currently this product is being raised on the KickStarter, the initial version of the price of about 585 yuan. Source: KickStarter recommendation: attention Tencent digital WeChat official number (ID:qqdigi), take you to play all kinds of cool new products, cutting-edge information.相关的主题文章: