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Travel-and-Leisure Skiing breaks are usually fast paced, action filled holidays, suitable for the entire family, a couple or a party of friends. If you book a catered chalet for your getaway all you will have to worry about is just how much fun you’re going to have! Everything else will be taken care of. The French Alps is a perfect place to ski or snowboard the slopes and it certainly won’t be hard to find a catered chalet there. They usually have the facilities to deal with a large number of people, making them suitable for parties or family gatherings, but there are also options for small groups available in all shapes and sizes, you are sure to find a chalet that suits your needs. The best thing about renting a catered chalet is that by their convenient locations they provide you access to the best equipment and pistes. Cable cars and tramways can take you to the top of the tallest peaks for your skiing and sightseeing pleasure and most are just a short distance from your ac.modation. Some of these in the popular Chamonix region are the Telecabine Panoramique Mont-Blanc, the Aiguille de Midi and the Le Brevent Cable Car. The Telecabine Panoramique Mont-Blanc, Chamonix This tramway takes you to the very top of Mount Blanc and is well known for its spectacular views – the white snow sparkles beneath you and the impressive mountains loom overhead as you pass by. The trip takes about two hours, giving you plenty of time to take everything in. There is a small village at the end, providing you a wonderful place to warm up with a hot drink and to take in the sheer beauty of the Alps. Going home to your delightful catered chalet after an excursion like this or a hard day’s skiing on the pistes means you have the best of both worlds you get to experience the outdoor beauty of the Alps while knowing you have a cosy home and a warming, hearty meal to go back to. Aiguille de Midi, Chamonix Riding the cable car/tramway up to the top of Aiguille de Midi is an impressive and truly memorable experience. The trip is split between two cable cars and is a perfect introduction to the snow covered landscape, although it may not be advisable for those not keen on heights. Though it’s cold on the journey, the picturesque views of the snow covered cap makes up for it, and, after all, the cold ensures snow and skiing fun throughout the year! Even spring temperatures are close to freezing though, so it is important you dress warmly. Knowing you have your cosy catered chalet to .e back to is a reassuring feeling depending on where you book you may even have a spa bath or own private sauna to look forward to on your return. Le Brevent Cable Car, Chamonix The Le Brevent cable car is perfect for a bird’s-eye view of the French Alps. It is less crowded than other areas, and is perfect for a leisurely trip with the family when you fancy somewhere different. As with anywhere in the Alps it is important to dress for the weather and to consider ailments that may be triggered by the cable car – such as vertigo. A cafe is located at the top for lunch or a snack and, once you are ready, you can access the south facing slopes or simply enjoy the beauty of the region by taking a hike. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: