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Power – the wisdom of the city’s exclusive new cloud cloud platform technology – Sohu scoop November 17th news: November 15th afternoon, the third session of the world Internet Conference · internet light Expo opened in Zhejiang Wuzhen. The Internet Conference forum, light Expo as the leading global Expo, released the results of the three functions of plate, CO sponsored by the national Internet Information Office, the Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of industry and information technology, the people’s Government of Zhejiang province. China Electronic Technology Group Corporation with new smart city theme exhibition wonderful debut. Since last year proposed "the new concept of smart city, China Dianke deep new field of smart city, continuous exploration, city construction in an orderly way, in this exhibition, not only display the latest progress, also released a number of heavy leading technological achievements. Sowing rain clouds, great form is beyond shape. Chinese Dianke in the years of advanced computing experience based on the convergence of all resources, design and complete a distinctive, powerful and advanced performance Dianke cloud products. Electric cloud this conference Huayun branch general manager Mr. Zhu Hongtao on behalf of China Dianke, officially released cloud electric. Dianke Open Cloud in line with the standard as the core, to serve as the core of the platform, data at the core of the concept of wisdom, self controlled infrastructure for the new smart city, supporting platform for business intelligence applications and data services. The cloud from the electric technical support platform to self intelligence platform, focus on creating intelligent infrastructure, business support, wisdom wisdom shared data services, self controlled, safe open ecological system "five components, the electric power research Chinese Sambrook became a part of the" wisdom "of the enterprise. China Dianke electric cloud as "wisdom" in the industry chain is an important part of the group construction of "wisdom" to play the role of adhesive industry ecosystem, and look forward to become the creation of industrial value pioneer officer. The design of electrical characteristics of cloud around the new smart city business, in addition to the general characteristics with the cloud platform, but also to build their own unique value proposition, including: IaaS layer, emphasized the overall hybrid cloud infrastructure management, to solve complex problems, unified scheduling ability to form multiple heterogeneous infrastructure resource pool; PaaS layer the application of agile, emphasizing cloud support, solve business needs change quickly, operation and maintenance services sub high requirements, formed from the development of effective coordination ability of integrated operation and maintenance; SaaS layer, emphasizing the cloud data rich services. Delivery system and engine service components through the cloud, so that customers can quickly build a new generation of business system; cloud security, cloud electricity pays special attention to the overall resources and the security of business data. Electric cloud has formed the corresponding benchmark case, through public cloud, verified the large-scale resource pool unified management and operation ability; through the development of cloud testing, verify the heterogeneous resource pool management and continuous integration, continuous delivery capacity; through the traffic scheduling cloud, to verify the application of micro architecture and application of health monitoring ability; the public security police in the cloud, to verify the DevOps and big data service capabilities; through e-government cloud, verify the cloudy management and heterogeneous data management capabilities. Electricity]相关的主题文章: