Esther Kwan do not have to send the company Nick Cheung I will write on the line

Esther Kwan Nick Cheung: don’t send company will give me on the line if the husband sent Nick Cheung Esther Kwan said the company gave her a great burden, I want to put in the time, and the company has what should responsible. Nick Cheung Sina entertainment news Beijing on October 14th news, according to Hongkong media reports, Esther Kwan yesterday (October 13th) to attend the activities, appealed to the public to support the rescue of blind action, and eye protection knowledge sharing. Esther Kwan admitted that the daily life of mobile phone and computer play habits influence farsighted problem, will rely on the use of eye after adjustment to see, in the course of time feel very laborious, earlier finally need glasses, she smiled and said: "before filming, the photographer made me frown, I said I didn’t, now there should be it is hard to see without knowing it, no wonder people asked why I seemed very angry, turned out to be too black, with eyesight, affecting the image, ha ha!" In recent years, good Esther Kwan said, is still interested in filming, that can drive the personal flexibility, hope for the job, but also with the time to take care of her daughter. The company has to take responsibility for Sean Lau [micro-blog] to open the company as a gift to his wife, [micro-blog], asked whether Esther Kwan will call her husband Nick Cheung opened the company to hold her? She smiled and said: "the company has a burden, he (Qing Yun) lied to Guo Aiming, there is nothing to be responsible. I will call Nick Cheung to write to me, I don’t write the company name, the world is so difficult, I’m not Nick Cheung chancellor, these his own reason, but could not write to me, leaving her daughter. Even if he holds me, I also want to put the time, I am afraid to make money will be lost, afraid that no one will take care of the family will be scattered, and so he did, he did a good job!" Praise is gift for Nick Cheung husband usually have a small gift? Esther Kwan smiled and said: "he is the gift, where there are people so to work, not to engage in other things, no other interests, he is very diligent conceived script." Husband into the work, do you feel left out? She said: "in the early days, he used to struggle, since the script to write a little better, he just thought, at least he was around me." (Ying Ying) (commissioning editor: small 000)相关的主题文章: