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Outdoors The third most populated city of Argentina, Rosario has a vibrant social life. This port town presents a politically charged atmosphere with a definite liberal and socialist inclination. It is also the birth place of El Che Guevera. The city has an energetic night life and is home to many artists, street performers, activists and the likes. Travelling to Rosario, you will feel pulled by the energetic charm of the place. Weather in Rosario The weather is Rosario is moody. It is usually warmer than most other Argentinean cities in winter. The average low temperature of the place is about 12 C. The average high is about 24 C. The high population of the city and the location of the city on the Parana River bank contribute to the .paratively warm climate of the city. However, snowfall is extremely rare in Rosario. Tourist Places Rosario The tourist places Rosario include the Argentina Flag memorial and the house of El Che Guevera. There is also the Parque independencia which is one of the biggest parks in the country. There is also the planetarium which is one of the major astronomic centers in the region. You will find an observatory in the Astronomic municipal .plex. There are in fact several museums in Rosario. The science museum and the fine arts museum are notable. You can visit the islands by taking a boat from the flag memorial passenger"s terminal. The city center in Rosario has the largest South American Club. Ac.modation in Rosario Ac.modation in Rosario is abundant. There are many good hotels in the place. There are some budget hotels and some bread and breakfast inns too. You will find ac.modation in Rosario quite convenient and according to your budget. Places to Eat in Rosario There are various places to eat in Rosario. The Rock and Fellers is a favorite restaurant of the young crowd and also for tourists visiting the place. If you want to taste Argentinean food, there are several options for that as well. For American food, you can visit the Pullman restaurant. Other cuisines available in Rosario are the Italian cuisine, the Chinese cuisine and the Mediterranean cuisine. You can get some good Spanish food in the city as well. La Vendetta is a favorite Pizza joint. Things to Do in Rosario Rosario is filled with activities. For things to do in Rosario , you can enjoy a host of different adventure sports like kayaking, sky diving, horse riding, sail boat rides, etc. There are many pubs and restaurants with a good view of the Parana. Rosario is also known as the Salsa capital, so you can get to see some very nice Salsa performances. There are great many discos and nightclubs that start at 2 a.m and ends when the sun begins to rise! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: