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An effective fall protection program should have the following elements: 1. identify risks associated with falls in the workplace and at home, by reviewing statistics and participating in a classroom discussion. 2. identify the most .mon types of risk of working in an industrial environment, by discussing the points in the classroom. 3. analyse scenarios that resulted in fatal fall injuries, by reviewing fall fatalities and .pleting a hazard analysis. 4. explain the large speeds and forces in a fall, using classroom discussion and watching videos. 5. fix .mon fall hazards resulting from slips/trips, falling to a lower level, falling on stairs and ladders, by .pleting a workbook activity. 6. find and interpret legislation regarding fall protection, by discussion of legislation in the classroom. 7. Explain the responsibilities of workers, employers and supervisors, using a classroom exercise and end of chapter questions. 8. Define .mon fall protection system terms by applying them using a workbook activity, and end of chapter review questions.. 9. Apply hazard assessment processes through classroom discussion and the use of a case study. 10. Assemble the basic .ponents of fall protection systems using an in class discussion. 11. Judge anchor strengths requirements using .mon guidelines, through a class exercise and chapter review questions. 12. Design temporary anchor systems that meet requirements of the manufacturer and OHS, through classroom discussion and an end of course activity. 13. Use permanent anchor points that are properly installed and correctly certified through classroom discussion and an end of course activity. 14. Identify and safely operate, and pre use inspect: a. connectors such as snaphooks and carabineers b. lanyards for fall arrest, travel restraint and work positioning. c. E4 and E6 energy absorbers. d. type 1, 2, and 3 SRLs. e. Life safety ropes (vertical life lines) and rope grabs. f. horizontal life line systems. g. Full body harnesses Through discussion and demonstration of the equipment in the classroom. Evaluation will be conducted with various workbook activities, end of chapter review questions and Chapter 6 exercise. 15. Analyze and apply risks associated with wearing harnesses through classroom discussion and end of chapter review questions. 16. Identify and select the type of harness required for work activities based on the harness style and connection points, through learning about harnesses in a classroom activity donning and doffing harnesses. 17. design fall protection systems using the principles of free fall and total fall distance limitation in an classroom activity. 18. define the factors that create maximum arresting force through watching a video an recording values from a drop test. 19. Explain how the system .ponents used will effect the amount of clearance requirements through classroom based activity calculating clearance requirements. 20. identify swing fall hazards, and explain the risk to the worker, through a classroom discussion and demonstration of swing falls by the instructor. 21. Adapt information learned earlier in the day regarding anchors, connectors, harnesses and system design to build proper fall protection systems using the most well suited equipment. This will be .pleted through a classroom workbook activity at a minimum and if possible scenarios using structural members to design mock at height situations. 22. Identify the application for, design, understand the hazards of use and pre use inspect: a. Controls zones and raised warning lines b. Ladder use c. Scaffold based fall protection d. Man lift based fall protection e. Safety net systems f. Descent control systems Through classroom discussion and workbook activities. 23. Define the rules for equipment cleaning, care and storage by participating in a classroom discussion. 24. Explain the requirement for and process of pre-use inspection regarding fall protection equipment, through a classroom based activity where students list inspection points in the workbook, and participate in a classroom based inspection of damaged equipment. 25. Inspect and remove from service damaged or questionable fall protection equipment, by using a workbook activity. 26. Use the manufacturers instructions to find required information needed to use fall protection equipment. Students will .plete a classroom based seek and find activity using a set of instructions. 27. Explain a fall protection plan that meets the requirement of Part 9 by .plete a fall protection activity in the manual. 28. Analyze if the fall rescue plan for the site meet the requirements of Part 2, and explain the need to be able to find the emergency contact number and operate the contact method. Students will demonstrate their ability to do so through participation in a classroom based group activity. 29. Assemble the .ponents of basic rope rescue equipment by participating in a classroom based discussion. 30. Explain what suspension trauma is and how it is caused, the risks associated with it, and the first aid treatment, by participating in a classroom discussion and chapter review questions. Each week MISAFETY offers fall protection training that covers these topics. Call or email us, 780 987 3465 or [email protected] Training costs $150+gst person. Takeout Menus – Keep Your Takeout Customers .ing Back By: vikram kumar – Takeout menus printing performs a very important role in making a cafe popular, and also for .pelling takeout customers to keep re-ordering. Therefore, when printing a menu, one should follow certain time-tested approaches to make reception choices more eye-catch … Tags: Why Is Letterhead Printing Service Necessary? 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