Electronic heroin the children how to become a virtual world of addicts lightscape

"Electronic heroin": how the children became addicts Susan six year old son John will soon come to the virtual world of the first grade, she bought John a iPad as a gift. "My idea is, why don’t you let him get in touch with something new?" She said to me on the healing course. Recently John school started Tech Education in lower grade students, the class teacher John technology also strongly advocate the use of high-tech equipment has many benefits for education. Under all circumstances, Susan decided to pay more for his son, who had blond hair, loved reading, and played baseball. At first, she just let little John play some educational games on iPad. Then, John found in the iPad, my world, the technical teacher told Susan that the game and electronic Lego is no two. Susan recalled that when he was a child playing with Lego – the joy of building these blocks, but also to develop their own creativity – so she let go of Janjohn to explore. Initially, Susan was pleased with the performance of his son: he seemed to be able to explore the "world" in the world to find the joy of the process, and to create their own construction. Susan also noted that my world is not exactly the same as Lego – after all, you don’t have to kill an animal when you’re building a Lego. However, John apparently in my world, very happy, and even joined the school of my world club. Everything seems to be all right. But Susan also from his son found a slight change: John will put more time in playing games on the previous love baseball and reading habits he was also dismissed, is not willing to go to do the housework. In the morning, John even told his mother that he had seen a lot of games in his dreams. This was a sign of his attention to some extent, but he still felt that it was only because his son’s brain was developed and his imagination became rich. But as John’s performance deteriorated, he began to realize that the phenomenon might have something to do with the game. Susan tried to remove the game from his son, but John was angry with him. Susan eventually surrendered, and to "have educational value" this game will convince myself. Later one night, Susan realized that something was more serious than originally thought. "I went into his room and wanted to see what he was doing. As usual, John had gone to sleep – but the sight I saw made me afraid." According to a recent study, iPad, smart phones and games, the impact on people and drugs similar. Susan found his son sitting on the bed, the front is running the game iPad: John with his eyes wide open, with the screen role, even some bloodshot eyes. He looked in a trance. Susan, who had seen all this, was in fear and shaking her son’s body, hoping to wake up John. Distressed, Susan still can not avoid confusion: she can not understand why she was healthy.相关的主题文章: