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EA executives responded to criticism: "the first game player into the game player" concept of the world’s largest game publisher EA, had two consecutive times by users to vote as the nation’s most bad company, Bank of America and BP defeated the giant oil, won the "golden poo" award. Although this is only a network voting, but EA executives said the impression that reality". EA COO Peter Moore recently responded to an interview with IGN again. Old Moore was Xbox executives since being named the worst company in the United States, EA did make a lot of changes in the CEO, PC and enhance the distance between the players, to enhance their good image in the public eye. Moore recently in an interview with IGN talked about the transformation of EA, how to become a player first company. "It’s ridiculous to be named the worst company in the United States, but it’s a chance to look at yourself," Moore said. Maybe we can go back, look at ourselves, figure out who we are, see what others think of us, and then try to repair and improve. Impression is reality. So if we’re not a player’s first company, how can we improve?" Moore told IGN that he did it. He set up a committee in the internal EA, Reddit and NeoGAF to give priority to the forum to see if the players on the evaluation of EA is right. Moore later admitted that EA was wrong in some things, but he didn’t say what it was. The first effort to become a "player first" is to work with other companies and marketing companies that have had similar experiences. In the process, Moore says he has learned a lot about his company and the public". "Income is not everything, we can not blindly emphasize what benefits can be obtained." Since EA introduced the concept of "player first", EA shares reached the highest level in history last summer. In addition, other executives of the company also openly talked about the greater responsibility". EA implementation of "practice first game player" includes "showcasing the game at the earlier development stage, to provide more BETA demo game player experience, in order to ensure the quality of the game postponed". In fact, a good conscience never brag about how to think like the Poland game player, ass CDPR, game player only myself is really good. Although EA has improved over the last few years and is no longer a semi – finished game, EA is still a typical businessman, especially when it comes to selling off the game. EA is pursuing the "player first" values, which are far from fulfilling their promises. (source: 3DM editor: DY) Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: