Double eleven feast edge of the three faces – Sohu Technology ca1871

Three – eleven double face edge technology Sohu the | feast Siufay people Liangyuan garden Liu Qiongyu photography | Cui God & Xiao Feng editor | sylvian interview | Siufay Liangyuan garden Liu Qiongyu Cui Shen is 123 years old people express the Yuan River first Bowang records office when closing the courier, have thrown a let me shocked the problem. Do you recruit people? With these words, he went down with his voice, as if he had a glimpse of it. Just two months ago in Chaoyang District, a rhyme site took over the courier work, now do not want to do. But the boss did not agree, when the entry time is good, all the courier’s departure, there must be a substitute for newcomers to go. Especially considering that it’s only a couple of days, eleven. Yuan river is a county in Hebei, Chengde people, I heard that the accent is closest to an area of putonghua. Last year, after graduating from college, went to the five party Bridge City auto parts auto parts sold a year, you can always find the feeling. According to his statement, either with the shop alone, or "sloshing". The last morning sloshing to eat lunch meal, start to work at night. Yuan said he loved reading, so Bo Wangzhi came to ask about the recruitment. He recently read Zhang Jiajia, Feng Tang love and Jin Yong’s book, in addition to "Yuanyang sword" also read all. Resign from Auto Parts City, bent into press. He felt that the community’s enthusiasm for money is far beyond the pursuit of spiritual power, it is said that the book is a good thing to pass things, so the press and the book company ran over. Only one boss sat down to talk much with him several times, but eventually he was not retained. Yuan estimates, because they do not use those forms of tools. Throughout the interview, he constantly stressed the need to do the book, to pass something." To pass things ah! He is sometimes very depressed, told reporters that he is a very helpless, even the extremes to their hometown, people are very lazy, Mandaijie net is not at work, or how there will be 1/3 people to play mahjong for a living? He will go down after all, living in Beijing now, this is not to live express long dry. Yuan River feel that the courier on people’s professional quality requirements are too high, requiring absolute sense of responsibility, but this is not a promising career. The most let him headache is frequently lost. You express, you say not at home, on the door, I said, put the door convenient. Home can not find, you worry, urging me to call my hand and fifty or sixty did not send it, to send these, do you think I have an attitude problem, to solve your business, and will continue to call back, I fear the vicious spiral. I came to you, you said that I have waited for so long, want to run is not it? All right, I’ll pay you. You don’t need the money…… Send a map, very long, I can not fit in the sack, in his hand. 2 building, floor, to the rest, take a sack to someone else’s home to send things, turn around and forget the Bo相关的主题文章: