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Business Since the 1950s, people have been working at home with direct sales or "party plans". Avon, Mary Kay and Tupperware have been selling in this way for the past 50 years, with agents going door to door or having product parties in their homes. There are still jobs like this today but also the option to use the internet to boost sales and offers an alternative way of working, especially people who have children to look after or who are disabled. Direct sales literally means one person selling to another. The seller a consultant or representative for the .pany and will sell the .pany’s products for .mission. The seller will have access to training resources and support but will also be an independent business owner. If you do not want to work the traditional party plan method, you can opt to work online instead since literally millions of people have internet access and you might be selling what they are looking for. A lot of .panies provide websites which you pay a monthly fee for. Customers can find you by looking through the main page and placing orders on the website. Some .panies allow their consultants to advertise their business through email, on their signature line in forums or by purchasing advertising space on other people’s websites. You can gain new recruits by doing this or sell your products. Some .panies however ban online advertising, so check their policy before you sign up, if you prefer to advertise this way. It is free to use a signature line but the price of advertising does vary. It is a good idea to experiment with advertising what works and what does not before ploughing a lot of money into it. You can actually have a "virtual party" now in a web conference room instead of someone’s living room, thanks to technology. The hostess gets a link to the room and she emails the guests. Then you can upload pictures of what you are selling and give a presentation using the microphone on your .puter. The guests listen through their speakers so make sure you sound positive and full of energy. You could choose to play games and give the winners prizes. If the guests have questions, they can type them to you. the online guests might be able to order products online or they might have to send payment and an order form, depending on the .pany’s policies. There are thousands of direct sales .panies around today. They offer everything from pet food, craft supplies and clothing to gourmet ingredients. You might want to check out a few direct sales .panies offering products which interest you, if you fancy trying your hand at this way of selling. You should .pare the .panies before signing up with one. Ask them questions. It is important to find one you can be passionate about because it is difficult to sell something that you aren’t interested in. If you believe in the .pany and its products, the enthusiasm will .e across in your voice when you make presentations. The more you can sell, the more money you can make. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: