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For the most part, marketing campaigns (also sometimes referred to as communication campaigns) do not go beyond more than one specific channel or medium such as TV, print or web; although sometimes a campaign is launched successfully across all three platforms. This is referred to as through-the-line marketing. Through-the-line marketing is the combination of above-the-line, below-the-line and online marketing. Above-the-line marketing comprises all the communicational activities in relation to advertising such as TV, press, radio and so forth and below-the-line marketing entails activities like direct marketing. Digital media, forming part of online marketing shows no limits as it can be incorporated into a single-minded campaign tying all three approaches together: TV, radio, print and web. Digital Media on the Web Digital media is a growing priority for corporations as now more than ever a company’s brand identity is contained in a digital footprint, covering a variety of marketing content including images, photos, video, presentations, web pages, and desktop publishing files. Digital channels are used to convey information, create user communities, and establish brands in the marketplace. Internet marketing and advertising are becoming more dynamic and the advancement of digital media has provided a number of new prospects in terms of web marketing. By incorporating digital media elements to their traditional marketing campaigns businesses can create for example interactive audio-visual presentations. The influence of traditional advertising on television and the print media is quickly being replaced by internet advertising and marketing. An easy way of starting with digital media is by implementing basic web videos to your website. Statistics show that video invites higher click through rates. A video’s popularity carries on rising as more users find and share videos. This is known as viral marketing. In addition, a creative idea of introducing your company is to include a short video introduction. One should refrain from forcing visitors to watch the video but instead rather give them the option. A short two or three minute introduction is an effective way to build trust by creating a personal aspect to your website. Another option is to include product demo videos. This is particularly effective if you have a complex product. If your product is understood well it becomes easier to move a potential buyer along the sales process. Nevertheless, video is only one small feature of digital media – a phrase which can include animations, graphics, sound and website effects. These can all prove to be important tools in providing potential customers not only with an interactive experience on your website, but for providing images and animations across advertising platforms that they will come to associate with your brand. Digital media opens up infinite advertising and marketing avenues as it can be a powerful force in creating a successful brand experience. The time and amount of effort you channel into creating your own digital media marketing campaign on the Internet is certainly worthwhile when your sales conversion rates are soaring due to the positive brand experience that is had by customers. 相关的主题文章: