Didi taxi network to accelerate the integration of more than 150 taxi companies taxi cooperation txc.cc

The taxi drops accelerated about car taxi cooperation network fusion over 150 companies on November 9th news, travel drops announced today has reached a cooperation with more than and 150 taxi companies, taxi industry to promote the transformation and upgrading, increase revenue and operation efficiency of the driver, enhance passenger travel experience. The taxi drops accelerated about car taxi cooperation network fusion over 150 companies that opened the taxi drops travel network about cars fusion development exclusive channel, meet the conditions of the taxi business travel website login by intention to sign up to discuss cooperation. Previously, the general office of the State Council issued "on deepening reform to promote the healthy development of the taxi industry guidance", deepen the reform of the taxi industry to the top-level design and institutional arrangements, to promote the integration of Internet and the development of car rental. In August 31st this year, Didi had announced that the taxi companies are working together to try to launch the "intelligent dispatch mode, at the same time, trying to get a taxi driver in the cab to undertake single basis, undertake the network about car orders. Didi relevant responsible person said, at present there are dozens of cities across the country’s more than and 150 taxi companies to diversify cooperation. To join the car drops for example, drops can taxi companies to provide professional driver training services, authentication solutions and vehicle financing solutions, taxi companies only need to play their own recruitment and line management advantages, can work together to expand high-end network about car market. In addition, the drops also disclosed the taxi network about the car fusion standard, taxi companies complete qualification, personnel management system, have a certain ability of information, its driver registration drops taxi driver accounts accounted for more than 30% enterprises, 50 vehicles in the taxi cruise, agreed with the driver drops the vehicle information can log on the official website by comparison the direct application, will be the exclusive personnel for docking. The participation and cooperation of taxi companies will also introduce the Internet technology and the computer algorithm, data and operation management platform bit unique, fully tap the "technology and management" advantage, shaping the image of a more positive industry with more excellent service.相关的主题文章: