Decisive battle at the end of the market private equity research is becoming increasingly aggressive

Since the battle of the market at the end of public and private research is performance – reporter Xu Jinzhong chase ahead into September, the market continued to shock the market, not the trend of performance. But at the turn of the three or four quarter, the pace of institutional research has not slowed, Wind information data show that since September alone, there are more than and 200 listed companies to accept various types of institutional research. To track and research institutions focus, market volatility, growth performance, research institutions still hold periodic performance, the performance of the release of such uncertainty, mergers and acquisitions cautious opportunities, but in the last quarter of 2016 is the occasion of public and private institutions, research focus has been progress, more attention to the extension type of part of the company’s mergers and acquisitions, short-term market performance etc.. "To encourage research can" Wind information data show that recent research institutions listed companies enthusiasm, even with a certain degree of rise. As of September 12th, the two cities a total of more than and 200 listed companies to obtain institutional research, and this data in the whole of August was more than and 300. Although the 7 and August are published in the newspaper, "silent" and other factors, but the research institutions at the beginning of September has shown "drums tight" situation. In order to oxiranchem as an example, the company won the September 12th announcement, the Oriental Securities, Northeast Securities, securities brokerage, Minsheng securities, Celestica fund, Huaan fund, CCB fund, GF fund, Fu Anderson fund, Yi Fangda foundation, industrial international trust, Shanghai field research assets bearing the weeks 16 agencies, and state securities Ping An Bank, CITIC Securities, Polaroid SiGe investment, Beijing Jun Gu investment, Shanghai Chongyang investment, Shenzhen Chiclayo investment, Guangdong goat equity investment funds and other 13 institutions participated in the research of video. It is so huge. While LEYBOLD tech is more than the batch accepted research institutions. The company in September 7th -9 day, three consecutive days to accept the investigation of capital, Baoning China fund, GF fund, Taikang asset management, Shenzhen’s gold fund, eternal century securities, financial securities and other agencies. Another two Wen’s shares in September 8th and September 9th to accept the investigation of Shenzhen RUIZHAO assets, CITIC Securities, essence securities, Shenzhen Tongwei investment, Shenzhen Bao Zhen investment, Joincare pharmaceutical, Guoxin Securities, Shenzhen Ruiye, Qianhai United Assets Fund, fund financing, Kaifeng investment, the South Fund, Penghua Fund, the Great Wall fund other institutions. Since September, the listed companies have been reported in the period of ‘silence’ stage to facilitate institutional research. In addition, in order to discover the mechanism at the end of the opportunity, especially the transfer of convertible positions of the demand, more frequent research company, private sector investment research believes. After the performance of institutional research institutions bold enthusiasm is high, but the current market environment, institutions is still cautious, bold but cautious. The three or four quarter, institutional investors, the general layout is the key stage, to win the market at the end of the annual income of the research institutions, in the three or four quarter of the turn, more can be seen as the market "core concerns" performance. At the end of the betting strategy in some institutions, research institutions in the flash track "". Access to institutional research since September can be found in the trajectory of the track in the city environment, institutional concerns are still cautious.相关的主题文章: