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Investing If you own an e.merce website, the Currency Converter Widget will definitely be a highly useful tool as it will let you offer a dynamic currency switcher for displaying product prices and totals. Since the beginning of online buy and sell of products and services to various international customers, the requirement for such a widget has widened and every e.merce website is looking for such a solution. How the Currency Converter Widget Helps You? Although there are a range of benefits when you are using or adding the currency converter widgetto your website or blog, the best benefit is not for you but for your customers as they are able to know the prices of the goods or services that you sell. Moreover, as it is very simple process to install the currency converter widget, you provide the latest conversion rates of any currency for your customers without any hassle. Also, with a Currency Converter widget you provide updated currency rates which change automatically approximately at the time you set. Nonetheless, the currency converter is an extremely useful widget to easily calculate currency conversions between more than hundred of world currencies. Thus, almost all currencies are shown in the currency conversion widget to help global customers and sellers. Some services providers also bring currency converter widgets that allow customers to dynamically grab the latest exchange rates. Buyers or sellers can also add and subtract the numbers to get total amount to be charged or paid. However, you should not confuse currency converter tool to payment as that is entirely different thing as you are asked to pay the amount in the base currency. Customers Often Prefer Online Currency Conversion Several experiences from customers who prefer online shopping for various reasons reveal that one major reason is that they do not need to visit shops and shopping malls which can be physically tiring. However, they also believe that to provide the best experience for buyers, the e.merce website or online seller of the products and services must provide some tools such as currency converters to facilitate smooth trading. Thus, if you are an e.merce website owner that deals with international customers, it is essential for you to install the currency converter tool on your website as without it; buyers may not be interested as they cannot pay in the base currency. Nonetheless, it is highly suitable and useful for all parties involved in an international transaction to know the exact amount to be paid for any transactions. About the Author: a December STAT issue will have Novembers numbers. This month our .mentary will focus 相关的主题文章: