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Marketing One of the most prolific wel.e email mistakes that many .panies make is to send a wel.e email to their subscriber that well, just them really. Thanks for the thought, .pany X, but how about throwing your customer a bone here? They took their precious time to sign up, fill out that contact form to receive future emails from you, so you need to remind them why they want to keep getting your emails. Here are a few best practices on how to create a wel.e email that doesn’t just jumpstart a dialogue with your customer, but can also inspire them to start buying on your website or in your store sooner rather than later. Be Quick Sending that initial email as soon as possible after folks sign up can reinforce your dialogue with your customer, making them a lot less likely to forget what they just signed up for. Sounds obvious, but if you leave too much time between your customers signing up to receive email .munications and you actually mailing something to them, they might forget that they opted in to receive mail from you and (no!) unsubscribe. Don’t let this happen to you. Capitalize Wel.e emails often have higher open rates than other kinds of email campaigns, which means this is a not-to-be-missed opportunity for you to highlight the benefits of your email program to your customer. Let them know first off what they subscribed to. Send a personalized greeting with a short message confirming their subscription – "Hi Suzie, thanks for joining us and wel.e to HotShoes. Now, you will be the first in line to get all the latest HotShoes news, including exclusive email sales and fashion footwear tips from around the globe that are only available to customers on our e-mail list!" .bining a message like this with strong branding in your ‘from’ address and subject line, ensures your customer will know where this message came from. Always Say Thank You Actually, it’s more like saying "thank you" and "please"…. spend some money: "Dearest customer, please use this 20% off coupon good towards your next purchase." Your customer just got a great deal for simply opting in to your email program. The strategy is to make sure you thank them for opting in to receive emails from you by rewarding them for their efforts. Utilizing immediate rewards will not only help drive those sales but will also make your customer feel great about getting an exclusive offer. Also, think about pointing them to places on your website that might be of interest to a new customer or add a link to your newsletter – think of ways to drive up those click through rates. Manufacture Trust When it .es to sending email out to your customers, building on their trust should be your highest priority. Sending out emails that provide your customers with an easy-opt out footer and privacy policy link shows them that you’re not out to hound them 24/7 with your promotions and that you do care about protecting your customer’s information. Set expectations for what to expect – message frequency and content. Letting customers know right off the bat what kind of emails they should expect to be receiving from you, and when, helps build something invaluable – customer trust. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: