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Weight-Loss Different diets to lose fats are very popular presently because people want to look their best and stay in the best health possible. There are the popular cookie diets, South Beach diet and many others that have been invented for the sole reason of shedding some weight. However, even though following a good weight and fat loss plan is good, people can also lose some of their unwanted weight by following ways without the use of such elaborate plans. One way to do this is by following some effective diets to lose fats such as ones mentioned below. One simple diet to lose fats is by consuming five to six meals a day instead of the usual two or three. Some may raise their eyebrows at this suggestion because it recommends consuming more than the ‘normal’ number of meals in a day. However, according to its scientific explanation, increasing the frequency of food intake in a day will increase the metabolism of the body because it will be pushed to heighten the daily energy expenditure due to the frequent intake, digestion and absorption. Due to this, the body will also increase its energy expenditure leading to a higher metabolic rate that will burn fats. Consuming protein-rich foods in each meal can also be helpful because proteins have the highest T.I.D. or thermogenesis induced by the diet levels, which is the energy that the body uses in order to burn and digest different nutrients and fat in the body. By consuming more protein rich food sources, the bodys energy expenditure will increase. Another one of the recommended diets is by eating carbohydrates with a low glycemic index or G.I. The glycemix index is the rate at which the carbohydrates in food are being turned into glucose and entering the bloodstream. This is important because carbohydrates are a nutrient that triggers the secretion of insulin which is responsible for the development of more adipose or fat tissue in the body. Thus, the lower G.I. of a carbohydrate also means a lower rate of entry into the bloodstream and lower growth rate of this fatty tissue. These simple diets to lose fat can be done by anyone who has the determination to follow them for a span of time. It is still important to remember that losing fat is not normally that easy, even though the best and most elaborate diet is being used by a person. The real keys to winning this challenge of losing weight and unwanted fats are the consistency and determination of the individual. You can subscribe to a -free- fat loss newsletter at: 相关的主题文章: