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The children stayed at home, it might be like this child – mother Wen Jun | Sohu cheats yesterday, the children went downstairs to play in the small park, sitting on the bench saw a 3 year old girl, looks scrub, but a stranger quickly bowed his head, pulling clothes angle. Because there are always fixed several children playing here, so suddenly a buddy, the children feel very curious, my baby should also learn to tease Mei, squatting on the little girl next to "sister, sister" called a non-stop, also took the hands of the people, let the little girl join their small team. The little girl was frightened, and quickly got up and went to a young mother. The mother said to her daughter a few words, came and said: "my child is a little timid, see strangers will be nervous, sometimes scared to cry, just love a person to play, go out to make the home, just may be at once so many little friends around her, she was afraid." Listen to the mother’s words, I can not help but think of a small video friends: kindergarten playground, 3 year old friend a vast squatting in the corner playing their own small ball, the other kids in knots at games, playing on the slide. My friend said that she saw the picture that her son was so poor that she wanted to cry alone. She and the teacher through the ditch, so that more attention to the child, go home and often teach children to play with the children, but there is no effect. I think a lot of the mother to see their children not gregarious, timid, always alone will feel very uncomfortable, do not prevent the first try to understand the reasons for children this phenomenon. With the development of electronic products, more and more parents prefer to stay at home to play computer games, talk about WeChat, do not want to take the children out for a walk to relax. The baby is crying, please hug, mobile phone, tablet, building became a pacifier, often see this picture: adults and children have a mobile phone. If things go on like this, the child will develop not love out of bad habits, parents bad example properly due to cultivate a small house children, child social impairment, it may be too late. So to give the child to create an open family environment, children often come close to nature, don’t keep a small world to entertain. Two temperament characteristics of some children born more introverted, do not like to take the initiative to talk to strangers, like to play alone. In this case, the mother can often take the children out to play, you can also invite friends to their home to play, increase the opportunity for children to contact with the outside world, so that children learn to get along with the children. If the child has a social withdrawal, parents should encourage children to get out of the house, playing with children of the same age, but rather than let the children stay alone at home playing. Conducting the child caught a cold, how to do? What is the baby crying? How do the child spits? Baby long eczema how to deal with? Want to let the baby grow taller, what way? When will the baby call mother? 1 year old really have to wean it?…… If you have!相关的主题文章: