Chennai Sways To Mamma Mia Music

Music The result of this unusual combination is the smash hit musical, Mamma Mia! Chennai became the launch pad for this curtain raiser, which opened to packed houses recently. Directed by Mithran Devanesan, choreographed by Jeffrey Vardon, the music was by Timothy Madhukar and the musical was produced by Varalaxmi, the beautiful daughter of actor, Sarath Kumar. Based on the film called Mamma Mia the mainstay of this production is the brilliant and timeless music of ABBA. Cutting across age, language and geographical barriers, ABBA music has become almost a cult following in over 30 countries and has inspired over 11 stage productions. Set on a remote Greek island, it is the story of Sophie and her mother, Donna. Sophie is all set to get married, and invites her mothers three lovers to the wedding, in the hope of finally finding out who her biological father is. The men arrive, the friends troop in and the fun starts. Interwoven with the brilliant rendition of ABBA numbers by Poppy, Arjun Thomas and Swapna Abraham, the story line continues through a singing and dancing cast of over 25 people. Audience participation, clapping and swaying added to the charged atmosphere at Music Academy. The play got off to a late start, leaving the audience restless. The gaps between the scenes were too long and the sets were pushed and pulled around too visibly. However, being the maiden production of Hot Shoe Entertainment, all these little issues were totally eclipsed by some brilliant singing and energetic dancing. The painstaking effort was only too apparent, with polite ushers clad in Mamma Mia T shirts, the play title up in marquee lights and Mamma Mia memorabilia up for sale. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: