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Religion One of the scariest ministries within the church must be a praise and worship leader. It is not so much whether you can sing or play, but the very fact that you have to lead your congregation to a deep relationship and experience of the Lord generally is a scary thing. Doing this with a group of talented and gifted individuals also can make a brand new praise and worship leader terrifying! The First Problem of Being a Praise and Worship Leader While every ministry within the church has its challenges, the praise and worship leader faces these in a very public way. Whatever you say, or sing, or do is generally judged on a really public stage, by those that know you well and whose criticism stings the most! So, as a praise and worship leader, the primary problem is that any mistake you make is seen by everybody you know, and this could be a massive hurdle for some leaders. Praise and Worship Leader Challenge Number Two The second problem is that you are working with a bunch of talented and sometimes very delicate individuals. You may think that leading a congregation is difficult, however being a praise and worship leader to a gifted group is even harder! Most usually the praise and worship leader faces a team who’re more proficient in music than they are, and that is certainly a problem! However, you calling is to not sing or play but to lead, which is a totally different skill. Leading a group of individuals who are sensitive to criticism, aggressive of their opinions and generally full of pride needs leadership skills to bring the best out in them. The praise and worship leader should lead with dignity, honesty and real love for his or her team. They should be firm but kind, accessible at all times and often they develop into a counsellor as well as a worshipper. Leading your group includes musical knowledge, sensitivity to the Lord and a pastor’s heart of affection! Praise and Worship Leader Problem Number Three The third challenge is to lead the congregation closer to God. It sounds simple, but any praise and worship leader will let you know it’s not that straightforward! You have to keep your heart right before the Lord, your spirit gentle and open and you might want to take chances and put the folks before your own musical tastes and desires. In short, it’s a must to serve with humility, and it’s a must to serve the Lord, His people and your pastor. For the praise and worship leader the challenges could appear great, even overwhelming, but you’ll be able to rise to it when you keep a humble heart and get the correct training. So if the Lord calls you to this role, get excited, get humble and get some praise and worship leader training! 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