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Car: onion rings your car really need aggressive wheels? Sohu – car you buddies Hello, two days ago a friend asked brother said in a green, when is low with 16 inch wheels, with 17 inch wheels, what are the effects of the diameter of the hub on the car? Big hub is not better? I think this is indeed a common problem, today to tell you about those things. The parameters of the wheel is very important, he is complementary to the tire. Small partners question the size of the largest hub diameter, which is one of his important parameters. First of all, the size of the wheel will affect the driving experience of a car, because the size of the entire tire can not be changed. So the hub is bigger, the thickness of the tire is thin, road feeling will be more obvious, when the daily driving more carefully, especially when some of the frustrations. In addition, bigger wheels usually let the car will look better on the vision, but note that some buddy own the original car hub converted into a larger, if collocation is not reasonable, feel the body is increased, but the visual plays a side effect. So we do not arbitrarily modify their own wheels, on the conversion in the back we will say. Then, there is a more important point is the hub of the weight, whether it is Aluminum Alloy or steel, the bigger the width of the wheel weight usually will be bigger, he will need to rotate more power, so if it is the same car matching is larger than the original factory wide hub usually speed will be slow, it is often said that the wheel (including wheels and tires) increase of 1 per kg equivalent to the car increased the weight of 4 kilograms. At the same time, the weight of the hub will increase the load of the brake, so that the braking distance becomes longer, this is still very important. (17 inch of the original casting wheel on the 10kg more) (18 inch forged wheels is only 8kg) above the pictures from the network. Secondly, the width of the hub also pay attention to, it directly determines the hub with wide tires, wider tires grip better, in the original car usually the larger size of the hub, its width is greater. So often more dynamic models will be equipped with a larger and wider hub, but also to meet the power of the vehicle, to ensure the grip of the tire. Finally, the hub of the modification, in front of the onion brother said larger wider wheels are heavier, but there are other factors, it is said to the process. Take our common aluminum alloy wheels, our common household cars are commonly cast, and there is a forging process, this process can make the wheel lighter, harder, of course, more expensive. So many modification enthusiasts and sports cars will use forged wheels. A high performance 18 inch forged wheel hub will be even lighter than an ordinary 16 inch casting hub, so that both care and beauty, will not lose power. But the forging is hard but brittle, and a strong impact does not result in a large deformation but a direct crack. In this onion brother also want to remind those who want to modify their own wheels of a small partner, must be careful, not to say after the modification of the power, appearance and manipulation of the impact!相关的主题文章: