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Recipes According to your real age you will remember the past days when you would go into the local sweet shop together with your pocket money grasped tightly with your hand to get greeted by rows and rows of jars of every type of sweet you could imagine.You’ve made your decision and then the shopkeeper would obtain the jar and weigh you out a quarter on the pound of and pour them in a small white paper bag. The way you would absolutely savour each sweet and they would last you for ages as you sat on the wall eating them. Unfortunately as the years went by sweet shops have gradually died out as people did actually purchase pre-packaged sweets and shopkeepers would be forced to sell up and try their hand at something else. As with many small corner shops the supermarkets have taken their share in the business and these kind of sweets which always so very popular suddenly became a thing of the past. There are several shops that are keeping up the Old Sweets but as these are few and far between it’s an unfortunate fact that many people don’t know they exist. Well the good news is that old fashioned sweet retailers have started making somewhat of a comeback and none more so than the online sweet shops. If you’re of an age where you used to purchase the old traditional sweets than you are in for just one hell of the pleasant surprise. When I first saw what was available on-line it was like stepping back in time. All the old favourites were there from acid drops to sherbet lemons. An added benefit is many traditional sweets are now available in sugar free versions. This means that you now have the best of both worlds, enjoy your old favourites with the added bonus of no sugar. Ideal for children, these sugar free sweets will not rot their teeth and are also well suited for diabetes patients who may now enjoy as wide a variety as the rest of us. It also means that those who prefer to monitor their calorie intake have now found the answer to their prayers! About the Author: Looking for your favourite retro sweets you loved as a kid? Welcome to, The UK’s Number 1 online sweet shop and your new favourite website where you can buy sweets that will take you right back to your childhood. We have been to heaven and back and returned with all your favourite 80’s retro sweets, sweet shop penny sweets and traditional old fashioned sweets from fruit salads, blackjacks and flying saucers … Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Recipes 相关的主题文章: