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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Are you interested in buying a fax machine but fear outrageous prices? The Brother Intellifax 2800 is a well equipped consumer level fax machine that can give you or your small business fax capabilities at a reasonable price, and includes a slew of interesting features intended to make this unit as versatile and easy to use as possible. First and foremost, people generally want to know flat out, how fast is it? The intellifax 2800 can print out your received information at an at least .petitive pace of six seconds per page, or 10 pages per minute. If you consider that many of your average home inkjet printers produce pages at similar speeds, you can get an idea of how long it will take to receive data. If your demands are for super high output, you may want to consider a unit with a faster modem, as the Intellifax 2800 is equipped with a decent, but not great, 14.4 K built in. If youre receiving extensive manuscripts, consider looking a little higher, if youre ordering takeout, this unit should do the trick just fine. The Intellifax 2800 does try its best to be both user friendly and .prehensive, .ing loaded up with some very cool features, such as the automatic phone/ fax switching, which lets you use a single phone line for both faxes and calls. The phone also offers auto dial and distinct call/ call waiting ring properties, making the unit as a whole a nice centerpiece of a growing home office. This piece of hardware is no micro unit, and can fit a large 200 page input capacity of normal paper, yet at twenty four pounds it is still reasonable enough in size to suit a desk. Some fax machines still rely on thermal transfer or inkjet technology, but the Intellifax 2800 is strictly laser technology, spitting out 203 x 98 dot per inch resolution when at full speed, and it also adjustable to 203 x 196 (Fine/Photo), 203 x 392 (Superfine/Photo) for better looking graphics or images. The unit also .es with a failsafe mechanism for paper jams, or paper out scenarios. Your important faxes that are unable to be printed immediately will be saved securely in the machines 2 MB of built in memory which is capable of ni.y pages of storage. You wont be stuck in front of the machine like the old days, hand feeding longer sets of information page by page, as the built in auto feed hardware can auto insert up to 20 pages at one time and, if you need to get a lot of pages to a lot of people its not a problem with 108 station auto dialing, ultimately saving you time and getting more faxes sent, faster. Lastly, one of the most convenient extra features that Brother has programmed into the machine is the ability to make copies, thus making the Brother Intellifax 2800 a truly rounded, productive addition to a home office of small business, though the copies are limited to only 99 per cycle but, if you need more than that, use a copier. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: