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The BMW concept X2 official map   X show the future car design language, car, car on 30 September, (E Zhichao) the day before, BMW officially released X2 concept car official figure, the car shows the future design language X series models, the car at the Paris auto show the first appearance, and the production version is expected to come out in 2017. BMW X2 will be the brand X series to fill the market segments of a model, and its relationship with X1 is similar to the relationship between X6 and X5, positioned as a coupe type SUV (BMW called SAV). From the figure, the car from some of the design elements of the new X1, but has some innovation, including the use of more stereo double kidney grille and angel eye headlights, which compared grille outline of current X models more shape change. X2 concept car in the side of the body with a wealth of lines, looks more muscular, and the irregular shape of the wheel arch. C column with a BMW badge, the rear end of the car with a slender taillights, but also the use of a very strong round exhaust pipe. It is reported that the car will be with the new X1 as precursor by UKL platform to build, is expected to be equipped with the same 1.5T 2.0T three cylinder, four cylinder turbocharged engine, and provides xDrive four-wheel drive system. Comments: UKL platform products continue to grow, indicating that BMW hopes to play the potential of this platform to the extreme. X2 models as a derivative version of the X1 model, the appearance of more movement. Given X6, X4 models have been introduced, the introduction of X2 speed will not slow. (commissioning editor E Zhichao and Dou Ming)相关的主题文章: