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Recipes A trip to Singapore will be entertaining to all those who love food. If you love to try different varieties of cuisines, there is no better place on earth to do that other than Singapore. The amazing restaurants, bars and pubs in the country provide you with a splendid ambience and the tastiest food options too. Name a cuisine variant and you will be able to try it out for sure during your trip to the country. Local Cuisine When you visit the island nation, you should definitely try out the Singaporean cuisine. It is a fabulous mix of various cuisines and is extremely scrumptious. The people in the country are ardent foodies and will go for at least five meals per day. This definitely speaks a lot about the delectable food options available from the local platter. The subtle flavors of dishes that are influenced by Chinese, Malay and Thai cuisines will be a treat for your taste buds and will be easy on your pockets too. The chili crab, fish head curry and chicken rice are signature dishes from the Singaporean menu that you should not miss out. Exotic Cuisine Singapore is one of the best places to try out exotic cuisines. You will find all sorts of delicacies from different parts of the world at the restaurants and chill out bars in Singapore. Chinese, Indian, Spanish, Mexican, Caribbean, Scandinavian, Japanese, Italian, Thai, and Malaysian restaurants can be found in different parts of the country. You will be able to try out the authentic cuisines from all parts of the world during your trip to Singapore. The availability of amazing varieties of exotic dishes is one of the key reasons that make country a popular venue for international corporate events. Hawker stalls The hawker stalls in the country also serve delectable food varieties. You will be able to enjoy the tastiest dishes at real low rates when you visit the hawker stalls in the country. You will find long lines in front of all major street food vendors in the country because of the great taste and affordable rates for the umpteen varieties of dishes. When you head back to your hotel rooms after enjoying the nightlife in Singapore, stopping by at the hawker stalls to try out the chicken and rice dishes will provide an amazing experience. Majority of the hawker stalls serve Chinese delicacies but you can also order the local cuisine and Indian dishes. The street vendors at Chinatown and Little India are the best in the country. Food festivals Singapore is a country that promotes food and the national food festival is an event attended by people around the world. The festival usually happens during the month of July and it is the time, you will be able to enjoy the most succulent varieties of dishes from all parts of the globe. The popular restaurants, bars and food vendors in the country also actively participate in this event. You will also get to enjoy the culinary skills of world renowned chefs when you attend this event. The major restaurants and bars in the country also conduct food festivals during different times of the year. If you want to enjoy good food, Singapore will never disappoint you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: