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Reference-and-Education Running a business is not an easy task. Every company is subjected to constant stress in the market, be it from competitors trying topple it, or dealing with customer dissatisfaction. It is important to make the right decisions and take calculated risks in order to flourish. It is now necessary for every business to have a team of experts "" business managers who possess the ability to make the right decisions at the right time, along with excellent leadership skills. This necessity arises from the constantly growing competition in the corporate world. Businesses face new challenges everyday, and knowing how to tackle them is a vital skill. However, this ability is not inherent since people with naturally good decision making skills and leadership quality may still falter in front of a well-trained, educated and experienced manager. Since being on the very top is the goal of private sector companies, possessing lesser capabilities than your competitors is not an option. This is where management institutes step in. These institutes provide a comprehensive training course in management and develop the necessary skills needed to survive in the corporate world. Most colleges do that by simulating real life business situations in different ways, including a summer internship. In India, two major post-graduate qualifications in management are prevalent "" MBA, which stands for Master of Business Administration and PGDM, which stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management. The former is exclusively offered by state-run universities or institutes affiliated to them, while the latter is offered by autonomous colleges and universities. The difference between the two is almost negligible, although only an MBA holder can pursue further education in business management. That does not translate to anything significant since the corporate world is more concerned with the quality of training of potential employees than their level of education. Among the institutes well-known for their education quality are Mulshi Group of Institutes, situated in Pune, Maharashtra. Their main objective is raising the bar for management education through their training programs in Business Management and Retail Management. The programs are handled by Mulshi Group of Business Management and Mulshi Group of Retail Management, respectively. The institutes strive to maintain a high standard through their state-of-the-art infrastructure which includes modern classrooms equipped with LCD projectors and internet-enabled computers, an extensive library for each of the two institutes and large conference halls for seminars and guest lectures. The infrastructure is coupled with capable and qualified faculty members who employ a unique teaching methodology that caters to the development of individual students. The institutes believe in carving professional business managers through the overall development of a student. Hence, non-academic activities such as sports and cultural events are held on a regular basis and student participation is highly encouraged. Mulshi Group of Institutes expects students to strictly abide to their code of conduct and maintain integrity, honest and discipline, since such qualities are vital for the transformation from a student to a business manager. The professional standards maintained by MGI render the group of institutes a good choice for pursuing business or retail management.For more information visit: ..mgi.ac.in/index.php/pgdm/aims-to-develop.html About the Author: 相关的主题文章: