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Marriage-Wedding The flapper wedding dress is one of the biggest (and most fun) trends of 2009. Vintage flapper dresses are more and more popular, and designers have started sending new takes on flapper style down the runway. A flapper wedding gown is a terrific way to give a nod to tradition without feeling like a fuddy-duddy. The flapper spirit was a very modern one, celebrating female independence, a bold willingness to defy convention, and an astonishing ability to party til dawn. Youll look flirty and even a little sexy without being inappropriate for walking down the aisle. Best of all, the flapper wedding dress is practically made for cutting a rug at your reception. The basic flapper dress is a shift that drops straight down. Flapper dresses are usually cut loosely to hint intriguingly at your shape rather than display it openly. Theyre ideal for slender figures, but with a few variations they can still look fantastic on someone with a few more womanly curves. And youll find a million intriguing little variations. Elaborate hand-beading particularly bugle beads is definitely in line with flapper style, but if youd like to go less formal you can choose rows of swingy fringe or cascading layers of fabric. Youll find flapper hemlines to suit almost any taste. They range from a demure calf-length to just above the knee. Many brides love the beautiful handkerchief hemline, pioneered by the ever-chic Coco Chanel during the 1920s layers of sheer fabric that fall at about tea-length. You can modernize the handkerchief hemline by letting the fabric fall asymmetrically or into points. If you want to go full-on flapper for your wedding, you have just lucked out in terms of having to fuss with your hair sleek, short bobs were all the rage. If youre feeling daring, have your stylist shingle it up the back. Either way, youll look adorable. You can top your bob with a cloche hat a close-fitting hat that is pulled down close over the eyes and hugs the skull to show off your daringly short tresses. You can, of course, wear a veil with your flapper wedding gown, just like the actual flappers did. The rule of thumb was that a short dress demanded a long veil, so have fun! You can also stick to the fashion with a beaded headband, a feather hair clip, or a saucy feather plume. All in all, a flapper wedding dress is a great way to .bine elegance, beauty and fun. Just dont go overboard and serve bathtub gin at your reception. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: