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Mobile-Cell-Phone The Apple iPhone 3GS is the best of the best, when it .es to smartphones. It is obviously smarter, faster and the most advanced mobile phone, which actually works like a handheld .puter. With a huge list of features, apps and add-ons, this mobile phone is now sought after by millions of people across the world. Ever since it was released, the iPhone has gone on to be.e most-sold mobile phones ever in the history of mobile phones. The Apple iPhone 3GS is almost twice faster than its predecessor.There are so many features in the phone that it would simply stun everyone. To begin with, the mobile phone runs on the powerful iPhone OS 3 with an 800 MHz processor. When it .es to messaging, the Apple iPhone 3GS has no .parison: threaded SMS messaging, MMS and Email are default programs on the iPhone 3GS. The Apple Safari browser .es built in for easy accessing of all websites. Besides these, the iPhone boasts of an excellent search capability coupled with high quality graphic experience. The Apple iPhone 3GS also has some of the most excellent applications from both Apple and third-party developers. There is an excellent GPS .pass with many features attached to it. There is a brilliant video capturing functionality and instant connectivity so that you can upload your videos easily. The iPhone 3GS also .es with a simple, but highly powerful Voice Controller which can perform actions based on your voice-.mands.This means you can eeeasily call your friends or play a song by saying the .mand. The Apple iPhone 3GS .es in two memory models: 16 GB and 32 GB.The mobile phone is totally network oriented. You can connect via GPRS, 3G or Wi-Fi. Bluetooth and USB 2.0 are available, too, so that connecting to other devices is simple and easy. The power of the mobile phone .es to full force when one tries to use the networking (Internet) functions. The mobile phone acts as an effective video recorder, thanks to its advanced 3 Megapixel camera. Other functions like auto-focus and geo-tagging help improve the overall video recording experience. The camera can record at a whopping 30fps and you can easily edit your videos on the iPhone. It is not surprising that on most of the Apple iPhone 3GS review, this feature is largely highlighted as it is not available on most other smartphones. The Apple iPhone 3GS is sleek and simple in terms of design. It has friendly rounded edges for better handling, and has a curved back surface for easier ac.modation in the palm. The multi-touch TFT capacitive touch-screen provides a wonderful interface to work on. Weighing at less than 140 g, the mobile phone proves to be a masterpiece. The Apple iPhone 3GS price for 16 GB is about 673.38 and for 32 GB, it is 782.81 on select websites. The Apple iPhone 3GS Price varies on many websites. For the performance that it provides,it has absolutely no .petition from any smartphone. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: