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Finance The Financial Hardship Program was created to assist the general public in debt free, as credit tightened in 2008. Despite the fact that the program has successfully provided debt relief to thousands, many Americans are still unaware of this debt free solution that also repairs credit. This article will educate on the most .mon debt relief solutions, offer insight from a Debt Relief Advocate, educate how the program works, provide testimonials of individuals who have benefited from the program, and inform where to apply to the program. Bad credit will affect many aspects of your life. Some people spend a lifetime building and repairing this credit. Fortunately, there are many ways to successfully tackle this debt. Keep in mind though, decisions about your finances should always be well thought out. The last thing you want to do is make the wrong decision in relieving debt, which can make your current situation even worse. Seven proven tried and true methods to tackle unsecured debt include do-it-yourself, credit card balance transfer, home equity loans, debt counseling, debt consolidation, bankruptcy, and debt settlement. Although each option has its advantages, most consumers are finding the Debt Settlement solution the most effective one in today’s current declining economy, due to the very little known Financial Hardship Program associated with it. Even though the Hardship Program has been featured on MSNBC, Oprah, Fox, Market Watch, CBS, and USA Today, many are still unaware of its existence. " Thanks to the media, more Financial Hardship Program applications are being requested, with many being approved now more than ever ," according to Zee Wilson, Lifeguard Financial Group Debt Relief Advocate. " The program works well because you be.e debt free within 12 – 36 months and have the cash available that you were wasting on that debt, fighting to make just the interest payments each month, let alone anything on the principle ." Your debts go into a bulk system of other debts currently being resolved, with funds being paid to your creditors directly from your own personal escrow account. You’re then automatically enrolled in the free credit repair program, eliminating negative information from your credit report and helping you to be.e more credit worthy. Your creditors receive hardship letters from the .pany’s attorneys explaining your situation. They also receive a cease and desist letter stating not to contact you regarding this debt. If they do contact you, the free DAAN Adapter provided forwards your creditor’s calls to an attorney, who can sue on your behalf for harassment. Additionally, they call your creditors to verify payment, and even send a follow up letter stating your debt has been paid in full as agreed upon. According to Christine Cruz-Vega of New York, NY, " As a single mother of 3 teens, it was a challenge keeping up with the constant flow of bills piling up. I thank this service for lessening that burden and taking the stress off me and my family. Thank goodness I qualified for the Financial Hardship Program, as it was truly a blessing in getting us back on track. Thank you so very much for such wonderful results ." With a minimum of only $10,000 worth of unsecured debt, these debts are settled for 55 cents on the dollar. Based on $30,000 debt for example, one would pay back no more than $16,500. The bottom line is: the program gets rid of half your debt, you pay back the other half at 0% interest, and the free Credit Repair program improves your FICO score. According to Inlectronics.. Promotional Director Timothy Gardner, " I wish I had applied a year ago. I made arrangements to pay back my creditors but the amount going out each month was killing me, and I was barely making a dent in my outstanding balance. Thank goodness I qualified for the Hardship Program. The arrangements made to resolve my debt was terrific, and due to the Free Credit Repair program, my credit has already improved in the short time I’ve been with the program ." About the Author: 相关的主题文章: