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Travel-and-Leisure Taking a Walk along the Amusing Parks of London The City of London has more places to go and visit in reserve to the usual and common historical attractions and scenic spots. Open spaces and parks are some of these places where you can just sit back, relax, and savor the fresh air along with the wonderful sights it possesses. There are many activities that one can do in London Parks such as picnicking, walking on the grass, playing ballgames, bicycling (if permitted), or simply sit and unwind in the park. Amenities at the Regent Park are suited for amusement and allow one to be contented with activities; these are restaurants, rose garden, open theatre, boating lake, and the spectacular London Zoo. The renowned Greenwich Park has a number of stunning historical attractions and designs and is tagged as a world heritage since it is one of the oldest royal parks in the country. Some other wonderful parks to visit in London include the Hampstead Heath, St James Park, Richmond Park, Battersea Park, and Hyde Park. Travelling Around London London has never been short of places to go to, sites to explore, and moments to capture. One can go around the great capital city of London in a variety of ways either by bus, by car, or by foot. Well known tours by foot are facilitated by a Blue Badge tourist guide Gren Portch Tours, the London Walks, Shakespeare City Walks, The Celebrity Planet, Blood and Tears Walk, Camera Trails, and others. Cycle Tours of London, Fat Tire Bikes Tour, and Spoke n Motion Bike Tours are some of Londons cycle tours that let you appreciate London while riding on two wheels. Nothing really beats the comfort of being seated in cars and buses while touring the scenic spots such as Big Bus Tour, small car big city mini cooper tours, The London Duck Tours water and land bus tour, and , The Original London Sightseeing Tour done on open-top bus. One can also experience river tours through speed boats or boats. Leading Hotels in London Londons accommodation has been a tangible exemplar of how richly creative and artistic the big city of England is. High end facilities and top of line lodging awaits visitors who are in for a brief stay or a lengthy vacation in London. Stay in luxury at Londons 5 star hotels like the club-like Hotel 41 showcasing a mixture of opulent living and modern artistry with black and white design. On the other hand, the energetic yet passionate design of The Milestone Hotel coupled with the cordial and courteous staff and its convenient access to most visited places in London and shopping destinations makes it an ideal place to stay. Effervescent night fun stretches out in the busy area of Soho, London such as theater presentations and operas that is why The Soho Hotel is the best pick for nightlife enthusiasts. The Berkeley, Dorchester Hotel, The Sofitel Hotel, Radisson Edwardian Hotel, The Ritz, and Claridges Hotel are few of the best alternative hotel choices. On Board the Bateaux London Cruise A fantastic combination of cruising, sightseeing, and dining altogether topped with amazing entertainment for all is expected in Bateaux London River Cruise. This cruise line has been one of the best in London drifting along the river Thames offering lunch, dinner, and Sunday cruises. An extensive wine selection and scrumptious meal courses made of garden fresh and freshly baked gastronomic delights that make it a favorite by many. Along with cruise dining, is live music and entertainment, especially during Sundays where relaxing popular music is played by Jazz bands. The Elite Dinner Cruise provides elegant dining with exemplary service and a wide array of special dishes. Exquisite scenery can be seized with the liners glass riverboats offering a splendid view of the river and the sky (at night) with their Naticia and Symphony vessels. So dress up smartly and get on board to experience firsthand a magical cruise with Bateaux London. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: