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Photography Many people think that the process of putting photos to canvas is a .plicated one, but this is not so and many .panies are making a killing doing so. The process of putting photos onto canvas has exploded over the years and people are choosing canvas as the medium of choice because it is cheap, it is long lasting, you can customize canvas to fit your specific needs, the medium has been the material of choice for many years and it has an aesthetic feel that other mediums do not have and another reason for use of canvas is that the machines made for printing photos on canvas by such major .panies as Epson, Canon, and Hewlett-Packard have been made with canvas and papers in mind and not the other mediums. Putting photos onto canvas is not yet popular mainly because people do not know how it can be done. People are still using print houses and they get information on them from the yellow pages, the internet or word of mouth. There are a few disadvantages of using these print houses to put your photos to canvas, the most obvious one being cost. These .panies charge you expensively not only for the material and the ink, but also for the service. You can get the materials cheaper than the .panies quote, for as little as $4 for an 8 inch x 10 inch canvas and the ink is relatively cheap. Another reason why you should consider putting photos onto canvas at home is that you will have satisfied yourself on the preview before doing the actual printing. When printing photos on canvas at home, the materials and tools required are a canvas on which to do the printing, a photo printed out onto a photo transfer paper, a pair of scissors, an iron box and a staple gun. You will have to do a little research on how to print photos on canvas and you will obviously have to be in possession of an appropriate printer. The steps involved are first to take the canvas and to cut out material according to the size of your canvas and so that it fits leaving a 3-inch boarder around the edge. The second step is to upload the photo you want to print to the PC, edit it if necessary and resize it to fit the canvas and you can leave a little border if you choose, then print the photo in black and white or color whatever you choose, after which you take a hot iron and iron the print onto the cotton fabric and wave it around for some minutes before ripping the back off to make sure it is dry. The fourth step in printing photos on canvas at home is to peal off the transfer after which you position the transfer on top of the canvas, taking care to center it correctly. The fifth step is to turn the canvas over while holding the cotton transfer in place, then pulling it taut, and stapling it on either side of the wooden frame and at the top and the bottom. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: