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Avocado, foods, fruits, health What are your favorite fruits? Strawberry, kiwi, watermelon, plum, and avocado are loaded with many health benefits. These fruits are great as snacks throughout the day. Summer is upon us and with that we are blessed with an abundant of fresh fruits and vegetables. I love fruits of all kind. Strawberries, avocados, kiwi, watermelon, and plums are among many favorites for many people. The health benefits of these five fresh fruits are listed here. Strawberries: Strawberries have excellent sources of fiber, more vitamin than an orange, and can maintain normal blood sugar levels by just eating one cup. Strawberries also can clean out harmful toxin in the blood, and remove tartar from teeth, plus strengthen the gum. Avocados: Avocados supply lots of cancer fighting antioxidants. If you think they are loaded with fat then you are right, but the fat are mono unsaturated fat, which are good for you fat. Avocado has been used to aid people with sexual problems, help with digestive and circulatory problem. An avocado salad: This is quite nice to mix slices of avocado with smoked filet of chicken. You have just to prepare a salad with a nice dressing and you add on it slices of avocado and smoked fillet of chicken with as well some pine trees. N.B. Little trick to take out the big pit of the avocado. Slice the avocado in 2 parts with a big knife. Then, hit strongly the pit with the sharp side of the knife and now you are able to take out the pit in an easy way. Kiwi: Kiwi can help reduce blood clotting, which can contribute to heart attacks. Two or three kiwi a day equal a daily dose of an aspirin. Best of all, kiwi is all natural, and gives no side-effect. Kiwi is additionally costly inside fiber which helps protect enjoys spirit sickness, diabetes, also to colon cancer. Kiwi is additionally acknowledged because methods inside considering wheezing also to coughing. Watermelon: Watermelon contains a good source of potassium, vitamins A and C. Just two cups of watermelon provides 18 milligrams of cancer-fighting antioxidant lycopene, more than in a medium tomato. It is also advised to keep watermelon at room temperature since they have much higher levels of antioxidants (beta-carotene and lycopene) than those that keep in the refrigerator. They are even better than freshly picked melons. Cool watermelon a few hours before cutting and serving since once cut, it should be refrigerated. A fresh soup of watermelon and melon: This is a cold soup with sweet wine with some small ball of 3 different melons and munt. For the presentation, you can choose for 3 different colors. Red for the watermelon and yellow and white with 2 different sorts of melon. N.B. To make perfect melon balls, the chef use a tool called a Parisienne. This is in fact a specific little spoon. When the soup is ready, this one has to stay for a while (minimum 2 hours) in the fridge. Plumps: Plums .e in many different colors, and provide a good source of vitamin C, A, B2, beta-carotene, and potassium. Plums are also a great source of dietary fiber. Plums help to reduce and protect the symptom of cold, flu, asthma, heart disease, stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, and cancer. It also helps absorb iron in the body, and a great natural laxative. Carry awake on these new fruits also to eat each other because frequently because you could. Some of these fruits are minute inside sizes, therefore consuming two or three servings a daylight is probable. Healthy attention, healthy body, also to healthy animation will generate a improved living. By: Allyster Campbell – A very helpful tool in addressing audience with visually appealing illustrations is Blood powerpoint templates which are popularly called as blood ppt templates. 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