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Travel-and-Leisure Grand Canyon tour helicopters make for great getaways. The rides are thrilling and a lot of fun. But the best part is the stunning scenic views you enjoy from the air. This is especially true if you are flying over the South Rim of the National Park. It is situated in Arizona to the north of Sedona and Phoenix and west of Flagstaff. Don’t confuse this rim with the West Rim, which is located 120 miles east of Las Vegas. Before I plow on, a couple more words about the rims. It is possible to fly to the canyon floor, but you have to do that by taking a chopper out of Vegas since helicopters are not permitted to fly below the rim at the South Rim. Logistics Further, there are no connecting flights between the rims. So if you are starting from Vegas, but want to tour the South Rim by helicopter, you should fly to the South Rim by airplane first. The best Grand Canyon helicopters at the South Rim are the ones that lasts fifty minutes. I advise this because when it’s all said and done you’ll have seen up to 75 percent of the National Park. The tour lets you see the South Rim, then flies to the eastern boundary of the park where you’ll see the Desert Watchtower. The Mighty Colorado Then your tour heads north over the canyon where you’ll be treated to many breathtaking sights. On the way to the remote North Rim, you will pass over the Colorado River confluence. Next, you fly over the widest and deepest part of the canyon called Dragoon Corridor. You’ll also be presented with some fine views of Grand Canyon Village. The other tour available only lasts a half an hour and it costs less, but it only takes you to the North Rim and back, but you still get to see the Dragoon Corridor. It’s a shorter tour, but still full of fantastic views. Flying At Sunset The other South Rim helicopter tour I like is one that includes a sunset Jeep tour. It is a thirty minute tour that begins late afternoon. When your chopper brings you back to the airport, you hop in a Jeep and drive to the edge of the canyon for a spectacular sunset view. If you want to take a chopper tour that departs from the airport near the South Rim, you have to arrange transportation to get there. If you don’t have your own transportation, you can make arrangements at the Bright Angel Lodge or other inn at Grand Canyon Village. Bring along your government-issued ID and be sure to get to the airport thirty minutes early. Make sure, too, that your camera or smart phone is fully charged and to wear dark clothing as light clothing reflects. Wear .fortable shoes and clothes so you’ll be .fortable all during your tour. Summary This was a quick overview of air tours of the South Rim at the Grand Canyon. Keeping it simple, there are two main kinds: a 30-minute and 50-minute flight. Which one you decide to go with is based on your budget and time. 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