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Home-and-Family Professional House Cleaning Services, Inc has been cleaning Cleveland Heights homes as the best cleaning services and maid services Cleveland Heights .pany for a decade. The maid services include a deep house cleaning from a professional family owned cleaning .pany in the Cleveland Heights area. They have the best house cleaning and maid service when looking for local cleaning services. There are several professional cleaning .panies, franchises, and “mom and pops”, but, Professional House Cleaning Services, Inc has the whole package which is .petitive house cleaning prices, proper insurance, trained and educated employees, and outstanding service. Professional House Cleaning Services, Inc is offering some outstanding opportunities to entice Cleveland Heights home owners to try their maid services. The Owner, Shawn C. Day, is offering up to $100 off for new customers. He states, “We are a small .pany, but, an award winning .pany. I have .plete confidence that Cleveland Heights home owners will realize Phcs is the best house cleaning .pany around. I want to make it very easy for people in Cleveland Heights to give us a try. So, we’re ready to take up to $100 off their first cleaning with us.” For a limited time, if you’re looking to get your house cleaning Cleveland Heights, click here now. Professional House Cleaning Services is offering discounted pricing on services, up to $100 off, free bonus videos related to family topics, drawings for free maid service Cleveland Heights, and free laundry service. It’s worth visiting their website to get details. Professional cleaning .panies and local cleaning services tend to fall into 3 categories. You’ll find maid services in Cleveland Heights to be either a franchise operation, a privately owned small business, or individual “mom and pop” shops. There can be very stark differences in the three. Franchises and good small businesses are certainly your “safest” play if you’re someone looking for .fort and less risk. These professional house cleaning services are normally insured, pay into workers .pensation insurance, provide criminal background checks, train their employees, bring their own supplies, and work in crews. Individuals can be very good cleaners, however, it’s when things “don’t go right” the trouble can start. For example, if one individual .es to clean and your diamond ring is missing, don’t expect the phone to be answered when you call to inquiry about it. There are many questions you should ask before hiring your cleaning .pany. According to Arcsi (The Association of Residential Cleaning Services International s a member-based professional trade association), there are several questions you should ask: 1. Are you insured? This means adequate liability insurance, not a bond. Bonding is not a bad thing and in extremely rare cases does serve a purpose. Ask to see a copy of their insurance certificate. 2. Do you carry worker’s .pensation insurance? (Find out what your state requirements are) A good service will cover workers with WC even if they fall under the state’s minimum requirements. 3. Will employees or independent contractors clean my home? 4. What does your pre-employment screening consist of? Do you perform criminal background checks on all employees? 5. Who will be cleaning my house? One person? A team? Is there a trained crew leader or crew manager on-site at all times? 6. How do you train your employees, do you have a formal training program? 7. Do you provide a satisfaction guarantee with your services? 8. Make sure all expectations are clear and up front. Ask about any service or task that you expect to be performed that is not mentioned or listed by the owner/ manager. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: