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Diamond group: the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates to slow the pace of risk aversion in February 18th – the Fed announced the January FOMC meeting record and display this year will slow the pace of rate hikes, beauty industry data significantly improved, and a rebound in oil prices, driven by the stock market made good, risk aversion continues to decrease. COMEX4 month gold futures closed up 3.20 U.S. dollars, or 0.3%, to 1211.40 U.S. dollars ounce. But in Fed minutes after the announcement, in electronic trading, gold fell, but in January the Fed minutes is the market interpreted as partial doves gold support. [1.] the fundamental analysis of the Federal Reserve (Fed) on Thursday (18 days) announced January Fed rate decision meeting minutes, minutes show Fed officials prior to the stock market and prices fell worried, Fed officials believe that these factors will likely drag on the U.S. inflation rate of the growth of the road, then stop Shengxi pace Fed in the Shengxi cycle. 2. the United States last month, the producer price index rose 0.1% monthly PPI unexpectedly fell 0.2%, higher than expected, the main food highest in May last year, the largest increase in 1%; core PPI rose 0.4%, far higher than expected last month rose 0.1%; industrial production rose 0.9%, far better than expected in November 2014 Rose 0.4%, the biggest increase, display manufacturing recovery. House construction fell 3.8% last month to 1 million 99 thousand per annum, with 1 million 170 thousand less than expected. 3., Iran’s attitude towards cooperation, after meeting with the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) yesterday, suggested that the oil production capacity of the oil group and non oil group should be increased (i.e., the upper limit). Good news, oil prices rise. 4. the world’s largest gold ETF–SPDRGoldTrust, 217 gold holdings of 710.95 tons, unchanged from the previous day. 5. Thursday: 20:30 [micro-blog] the ECB monetary policy meeting minutes released in January; 21:30 February Philadelphia fed manufacturing index; 21:30 the United States until February 13th when the week jobless claims; 23:00 U.S. January conference board leading index; 00:00 the next day to America in February 12th when the week EIA crude oil inventories. [technology analysis] gold price shocks on Wednesday. On the line, the current price of gold in 10 near the average shock, then Japanese KD is still empty signal, short-term gold price is still callback support pressure test, only the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates to slow down the pace, will have a supporting effect on the price of gold. Material pressure fell 1214, 1220 dollars, support fell 1190, 1180 dollars. [if] trading strategies directly below $1206 or a rebound, not $1214, down, air station; goodbye, if the rebound exceeded $1214, to exit the sidelines ahead. Chen Junliang diamond, group chief analysis Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly and take risks at their own expense.

金钻集团:美联储升息步伐减缓 避险情绪降溫   2月18日-联储局公布1月份议息会议纪录,显示今年加息步伐将放慢、加以美工业数据显著改善,与油价反弹,带动股市造好,避险情绪持续降低。COMEX4月黄金期货收涨3.20美元,涨幅0.3%,报1211.40美元 盎司。但在Fed会议记录公布后,电子盘交易中,黄金回檔走低,但1月美联储纪要被市场解读为偏鸽派对金价构成支撑。   【基本面分析】   1.美国联准会(Fed)周四(18日)公布Fed一月份利率决策会议纪要,纪要显示Fed官员们对于此前股市和油价的大跌甚感忧虑,Fed官员们认为,这些因素很可能将拖累美国通货膨胀率的成长力道,进而阻挡Fed在此次升息循环的升息步伐。   2.美国上月生產物价指数PPI意外按月升0.1%,高于预期跌0.2%,主因食品创去年5月来最大升幅1%;核心PPI升0.4%,远高于预期升0.1%;上月工业生产升0.9%,远胜预期升0.4%,是2014年11月来最大升幅,显示制造业复苏。上月房屋动工跌3.8%至年率109.9万间,逊预期117万间。   3.伊朗态度转趋合作,昨与石油输出国组织(OPEC)开会后,表明支持油组与非油组冻结产油量(即设立上限)的建议。消息利好油價上扬。   4.全球最大黄金ETF–SPDRGoldTrust,2 17所持黄金量为710.95吨,较前一日不变。   5.周四关注: 20:30欧洲央行[微博]公布1月货币政策会议纪要;21:30美国2月费城联储制造业指数;21:30美国至2月13日当周初请失业金人数;23:00美国1月谘商会领先指标月率;次日00:00美国至2月12日当周EIA原油库存。   【技术面分析】   周三金价高档震荡。就线路来看,目前金价在10日均线附近震荡,然日KD仍为空方讯号,金价短线仍有回调测试支撑压力,只是美联储升息步伐減緩,将对金价产生支撑效果。料压力落1214、1220美元、支撑落1190、1180美元。   【交易策略】   若黑棒直接跌破1206美元或反弹未过1214美元,再见下跌黑棒,站空方;若反弹突破1214美元,空方退场先行观望。   陈俊良,金钻集团首席分析 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章: