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A city of lead exceed the standard 227 times suspected to be from decades of thousands evacuated lead exceed the standard 227 times original title: thousands of people suffer from lead pollution allegedly for decades the United States Toshiba brother city 1000 residents plus emergency relocation in the US state of Indiana Toshiba and brother city in a residential area built in the abandoned factory recently traced on a large number of residents of blood lead including children that exceed the standard. After news exposure, more than 1000 residents were relocated urgently. Nearly 700 children have been threatened with 227 times more than health. In recent weeks, the headlines in the United States have been dominated by a lead pollution news: there is a serious lead pollution in a residential area in Toshiba, Indiana, and thousands of people are facing threats, including nearly 700 children. Toshiba and brother mayor Anthony · Copland in July 25th suddenly announced that substantially exceed the standard of Pb content in soil Jessica Liu Mei residential special advice, more than 1000 residents to move immediately. United States Environmental Protection Agency tests showed that in the most polluted areas, soil lead exceeded 227 times, arsenic exceeded 135 times. Alan is 27 years old and has 5 children. She received a letter from the environmental protection agency in July 11th to know that her yard had 66 times more soil lead and 55 times as much arsenic as it did. Incredibly, the EPA acknowledged that the soil test was completed in December 2014. This means that the EPA took 1 and a half years to send the test results to Alan. Alan’s 5 children underwent a blood test, which broke the mother’s heart. Her two-year-old daughter, Samira, had 6 times more blood lead levels. Her 9 year old son had ADHD, and several other children, aged 4 to 8 years, had also had a lot of unexplained fever, chills, vomiting and other symptoms. Has been blacklisted for decades, "no action", The Associated Press reported 23, now the United States Environmental Protection Agency is still in the incident area to carry out more detection, is expected to municipal authorities will dismantle the residential area and soil governance. With more public archives and documents exposed, the American people were surprised to find that many federal, state and local agencies were aware of lead pollution in this area as early as the 60s of last century. Built in the late 70s Jessica Liu Mei special residential area, the site is a smelting plant. In 1985, the environmental management department of Indiana found that the lead content was high in the east side of the residential area. In the same year, the Ministry of health in Indiana detected that blood lead exceeded the standard in many children. In 2008, a memo from the EPA wrote that "lead pollution in this region" poses a substantial danger to public health, well-being and the environment". In 2009, the environmental protection agency listed the region as a "pollution blacklist"". Even though the environmental protection agency re tested the soil lead in 2014, the agency did not notify local residents until July this year. Some observers say Toshiba has a population of 30 thousand, mostly poor African and Hispanic residents, who rely heavily on heavy metals such as metallurgy. Most of the residents were low wage groups. In addition, Toshiba municipal government officials often exposed corruption scandals, administrative efficiency is not uncommon. More exciting content, welcome to pay attention to WeChat public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).

美国一城市铅超标227倍疑被瞒数十年 千人紧急撤离原标题:铅超标227倍 千人遭遇铅污染疑被瞒数十年 美国东芝加哥市千余居民紧急搬迁美国印第安纳州东芝加哥市一处住宅区近日被曝建于废弃工厂之上,以致包括儿童在内的大量居民血铅超标。消息曝光后,1000多名居民紧急搬迁。铅超标227倍近700名儿童健康受威胁最近数周,美国各大媒体头条被一则铅污染的新闻占据:印第安纳州东芝加哥市一处住宅区存在严重的铅污染,上千人面临威胁,包括近700名儿童。东芝加哥市市长安东尼·科普兰7月25日突然宣布,西卡柳梅特住宅区土壤中铅含量大幅超标,建议1000多名居民立即搬家。美国环境保护署检测显示,在污染最严重的区域,土壤铅超标227倍,砷超标135倍。艾伦现年27岁,育有5个孩子。她7月11日收到环保署一封信,得知她家院子土壤铅超标66倍,砷超标55倍。难以置信的是,环保署在信中承认该土壤检测于“2014年12月”完成。这意味着,环保署耗时1年半,才把检测结果送到艾伦手中。艾伦的5个孩子随后接受血液测试,结果令这个母亲心碎。她两岁的女儿萨米拉血铅超标6倍。而她9岁的儿子患有多动症;其他几个孩子年龄在4岁至8岁之间,先前也均呈现出不少难以解释的发烧、发抖、呕吐等症状。早就被列入黑名单数十年“毫无动作”美联社23日报道,眼下美国环保署仍在事发区域展开更多检测,预计市政当局将拆除这一住宅区并治理土壤。随着更多公共档案和文件曝光,美国民众惊讶地发现,多个联邦、州和地方机构早在上世纪60年代便察觉这一地块存在铅污染。西卡柳梅特住宅区建于上世纪70年代,原址是一家炼铅厂。1985年,印第安纳州环境管理部发现这一住宅区东侧土壤中铅含量偏高。同年,印第安纳州卫生部检测发现,当地多名儿童血铅超标。2008年,环保署一份备忘录中写道,这一地区的铅污染“对公众健康、福祉和环境构成迫近的实质性危险”。2009年,环保署把这一区域列入一份污染“黑名单”。即便环保署2014年年底再次检测确认当地土壤铅超标,该机构也直到今年7月才通知当地居民。一些观察人士表示,东芝加哥市拥有3万人口,多数是贫穷的非洲裔和拉美裔居民,较为依赖冶金等重工业。事发居民区多为低薪群体。此外,东芝加哥市政官员常曝出腐败丑闻,行政效率低下并不稀奇。更多精彩内容欢迎搜索关注微信公众号:腾讯财经(financeapp)。相关的主题文章: