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The cultural industry in Qinghai a nuclear five pattern – Qinghai Channel – original title: cultural industry hit a nuclear five pattern to promote the sustained and healthy development of culture industry, recently, I formulated "on accelerating the development of cultural industry", will build Qinghai has distinctive characteristics, obvious comparative advantage of the cultural industry system. Among them, our province will focus on optimizing the regional layout of the cultural industry, according to the distribution and development of the cultural industry based around the cultural resources, optimize the industrial layout, and promote the cultural resources and elements to the advantage of industry in key areas, in order to create "agglomeration, development pattern of a nuclear five". One core: Based on the political, economic and cultural center of the provincial capital of Xining, and strive to create regional and urban cultural brand, promote the formation of a multicultural Exhibition Center and the Silk Road Cultural Exchange center. "Five": relying on the rich resources of Hehuang culture, the cultural industry to accelerate national silk road, Lajia ruins park and other key projects, Xining, Haidong will create a set of cultural tourism, festival exhibition as one of the Hehuang cultural industrial agglomeration; relying on national Regong cultural and ecological protection in experimentation area, Yi Qiang culture industry corridor construction, focusing on promoting the Regong Art industry scale, intensive, professional development, construction of Regong culture industry cluster district; with the construction of the National Park of Sanjiang source as an opportunity, relying on the national level (Yushu, Golog), KASA Kangba cultural and ecological protection to promote cultural and ecological construction in experimentation area, and tourism coordination the development of the construction of Sanjiang source of ecological culture experience; relying on the unique natural resources and rich cultural resources, Hainan, Haibei into For domestic and foreign well-known cultural tourism destination, construction of Qinghai Lake ecological cultural tourism district in advance; rely on major projects in Golmud Kunlun Jade Cultural Industry Park, Mongolia Haixi dedu culture industrial park construction, promote Haixi cultural industry construction of Kunlun culture point aggregation, industrial agglomeration. (commissioning editor Zhang Liping and Yang Yang)相关的主题文章: