Zhoushuizi three car pileup two cars on fire burning shell wegener肉芽肿

Zhoushuizi three car pileup two cars on fire firefighters are fighting the fire burning shell of vehicle. The day before yesterday at 8 pm, the northwest section of Zhoushuizi a car suddenly rushed into the road, causing three car pileup, two cars on fire. Although firefighters rushed to the emergency rescue, but the two cars are still burned. Fortunately, the driver was rescued before the fire. Reporters rushed to the scene, firefighters are on the train to fight off the train. You can see the car, and SUV hit together, the fire burning. Firefighters use foam spray gun to two cars, but the fire was quickly extinguished yet. In fighting after ten minutes, the fire slowly extinguished, but the sedan and SUV have been burnt out. Not far away there is a car that has the obvious rub marks. At the time of the incident, Mr. Shaw drove through this section of the road. He said, when a car suddenly rushed into the road, crashed to a SUV, and then rub a car collided with the front two car began to smoke fire. The car driver who crashed into the car was stuck in the car. Fortunately, before the fire, the driver was stuck in the car has been rescued by passers-by. But the accident still caused the car and SUV 3 people were injured in varying degrees. The cause of the accident is still under investigation. Reporter Wan Heng Zhang Yu相关的主题文章: