Jingjiang small husband and wife quarrel because of a family fight Baoqiang Wang helpless alarm rewrite攻略�

Jingjiang small husband and wife Baoqiang Wang divorce because fighting family helpless alarm Baoqiang Wang and Ma Rong divorce has become a hot topic online, both fans are also online quarreling. The evening of September 13th, Jingjiang new town a couple in the home and family quarrel strike violently, helpless alarm. The evening of September 13th, Jingjiang police station received a report that the old bridge the son and daughter-in-law quarrel at home, things fell, no one can live to home. Police on duty at the scene found that the house is a mess, the ground is full of debris, a pair of young men and women were being pulled. Police rushed to the man and woman were persuaded to let both sides to calm down. Originally, the man surnamed Yang, a woman surnamed Li, two people finally entered the marriage hall of childhood sweetheart. After a year of marriage, the woman has a child, to the original family is not rich new economic burden, coupled with repeated setbacks in the cause of the two sides, two people often cause trivial quarrel. That night, the couple in the discussion of the star Baoqiang Wang and his wife, Ma Rong divorce, the woman said: when a man makes a lot of money star, his wife is still so good, the results also suffered his wife derailed, the wife is not something! I just want to be his wife." The husband heard the fire, said: "you think the man is a good man. You’re going to be his wife!" The two sides so noisy up, and finally to strike violently. The police two hours of patient persuasion, the two sides recognize their own shortcomings, and voluntarily wrote guarantee, reflect on their mistakes.相关的主题文章: