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The Note 7 microwave oven, with a needle row iPhone 7, your integrity. – Sohu technology not long ago, a man named "house bag wash" startup CEO in order to get the first batch of seed users, should go directly to the washing machine cut wire, and the "first" to share to boast without shame a business media industry, were despised. Before the following Morgan, the startup CEO is pale into insignificance by comparison. IPhone 7 after the listing attracted worldwide attention, many people are concerned about the iPhone some of the experience of the 7, waterproof function, ah, the body is resistant to zoned ah, bright black will paint ah…… In order to answer the user’s question, a "dream of young founders of CEO show a video on micro-blog, SIM card needle scraping iPhone 7, to see whether it is easy to be scratched, and turned to pick a hard to find the bright black version of the start, really scratched. The most critical thing is that this phone is the experience of the Hongkong Apple store experience machine… After the video released by the netizen scolding, the CEO quickly apologized, explaining scraping experience machine is not his, but with his peers. And he’s going to Hongkong’s official store to buy the phone. Knowledgeable all know, behind this sentence is routine, because even if he go to the store, apple can not be sold him the experience machine. What is the dream youth? Baidu search under, this is a sell apple and other digital products Taobao store. Since it is to do this, the industry, presumably also know the rules of Apple store experience. Perhaps it is because of the rules to understand the apple store, choose to do so. And since the initiative to upload this video, indicating that they do not feel that this thing is what. Choose video release that the CEO did not feel what questions do three worrying. This will also tell the media after the wire cut, like the terrible thing is not wrong, but do not think that wrong is wrong. Some people in the supermarket are keen on going to crush instant noodles, cola deflated, and even take needle poke condoms and delight, with a needle scraping the apple store experience iPhone, and these behaviors not essentially different from what. And the CEO has a spell and a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 suffered explosion door, and in the United States and South Korea and other markets recalled. However, the initial recall does not include the Chinese market, which triggered a number of user dissatisfaction, that double standards. Samsung’s reason is that the Chinese market, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery supplier is ATL, rather than Samsung SDI, and the explosion of Galaxy Note 7 are from this supplier. However, after the State Quality Inspection Administration interviewed, Samsung (Chinese) announced the beginning of September 14th, part of the Galaxy Note7 during the manufacturing of recall in July 20, 2016 to August 5, 2016, Note this time Chinese mainland 7 sales of 185相关的主题文章: