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High quality brand is the direction of development of tourism commodities — Travel Channel original title: high quality brand is the direction of development of tourism commodities when people talked about the tourism shopping, tourism commodities tend to say small commodities. The reason is: we often go out to travel to buy some small things, small souvenirs, or small crafts, small daily necessities, in short, can not be separated from a "small". Tourists in the tourism really only buy small commodities, only to buy the price of 100 yuan of the following goods? The opposite conclusion is drawn from the statistical data of the actual tourist shopping. Tourists traveling abroad, mainly to buy cosmetics, clothing, shoes and electronic products, including mobile phone, camera and so on, these are not small commodities. Why do people buy their own travel is clearly a large commodity prices, in terms of tourism shopping is always the concept of small commodities, but also at the same time the equivalent of small commodities in the cultural commodities? I think there are three main reasons: first, after the reform and opening up, a large number of foreign tourists flock to buy souvenirs, mostly small cultural category of small crafts, resulting in the people mistakenly believe that this is the whole tourist commodities. Two everyone love to talk about culture, to appear on their own culture, for those brand goods, especially luxury goods, do not want to talk about, in order to reveal their elegance, avoid being seen as the laity, and talk about love are those kind of cultural commodity. Three is the tourism sector and research institutions in order to facilitate the management of the convenience of the study, but also like the development of tourism commodities for the development of small commodities. Because of the tourism shopping tourism characterized as commodity sales, many enterprises develop naturally tourism commodity, and also reflects the culture, and bookmarks, mugs, T-Shirts, refrigerator, keychain, pen, book, mouse, mouse pad, U disk and so overwhelming, where visitors go see is this a. Although these tourism commodities have a certain market, but always give people the feeling of monotony. Departments and enterprises often spend a lot of effort, but it is difficult to form a large number of sales. Especially when local commercial housing prices rose, in front of the high cost of shop, only sales of these tourist commodities, many enterprises difficult to continue. A lot of small tourism product development, manufacturing and sales of enterprises, through the efforts not to a enterprise, it is a small enterprise. Many manufacturing companies are now in excess of capacity, especially for foreign processing orders. In fact, tourism shopping has long No one shows any interest in domestic demand. Someone once asked the author: what should I sell? The answer is very simple: sell sell. What is a good thing to sell? That’s what tourists need. I have done a survey and found that tourists like to buy dozens of dollars of goods. However, with the in-depth investigation, found that this conclusion is a problem. The survey is a static survey, that is, before the tourists survey, did not reflect the actual purchase of tourists in tourism. To this end, the author has followed a number of tour groups and individuals to conduct dynamic investigation. In the dynamic survey found that many tourists in the tourism process, the purchase of clothing, cosmetics, electronic products, etc.. Of course, some tourists.相关的主题文章: