The termination of the restructuring of new material automobile back a stranding 姉summer

The termination of the restructuring of new material automobile back A stranded hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to tutor you say stocks contest 60 million, reporter Zhu Wenbin Qiu Jiang, editor of the automobile to be backdoor Yangtze new material A the A-share listing plan ran aground. Yangzi new material today announced that, due to the parties can not achieve the expected transaction, the company and the parties agreed to terminate the transaction of this major asset restructuring. Three months is no longer planning a major asset reorganization. According to the major asset restructuring program in April this year the new material disclosure, the company intends to set out the price of 612 million 900 thousand yuan, total assets and liabilities to the Yongda investment holding, and 9.77 yuan of shares issued 1 billion 228 million shares, the acquisition of its holdings of the automobile group 100% stake at a price of 12 billion yuan. As the new material controlling shareholder, qinshuo investment intends to 12.12 Yuan stock price, to transfer the Yongda investment holding 26 million 800 thousand shares of the company. Meanwhile, the Yangtze new material to be raised to 9.77 yuan shares issue price of not more than $3 billion 500 million matching funds. June 22nd, the Yangtze new material submitted to the Commission of the declaration materials. Five days later, the Commission requires correction of application materials. The company announced on August 4th that, given the workload, the parties are expected to be unable to submit the relevant materials on time, so decided to temporarily withdraw the application documents submitted to the commission. Eventually, the company terminated the major asset restructuring. Data show that in July 2012, Yongda investment holdings listed on the Hongkong stock exchange, the beginning of the year to return to A shares. THE_END to enter [Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: