Minnie rabbit and Blanbare not adorable to America, line announced the temporary abandonment of the 驯龙高手dm456

Minnie rabbit and Blanbare not adorable to America, Line announced the temporary abandonment of the U.S. market – Sohu technology you may not use Line habits, but you must have seen the cartoon image of Line Friends family. Today, this one Meng all over the world, the Japanese social communications software company announced the temporary suspension of the U.S. market, will focus on four major markets in Asia: Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia. Line chairman and CEO of Chak Gang (Takeshi Idezawa) recently accepted an interview with VentureBeat about the company’s future development plans, and expressed his own for artificial intelligence and social communication software with views. The European market "hard", Asian growth potential De Sawatake said, Line will focus on the Asian market as the company’s development strategy has been two years, the main reason is that the Asian market has great potential for growth. He pointed out that there are reports that Asia’s middle class population will show exponential growth in 2020, so until 2020, Line will focus on asia. In addition, he believes that once a market has been occupied, then other homogeneous products will be difficult to enter. For example, has been Line, WeChat and other app coverage of the Asian market, it is difficult for American companies to come again". But this principle also applies to once tried to expand the European and American markets Line. In August 2014, Line announced to enter the American market, then Line COO Ze gang had confidently said: Although there is not the Japanese Internet software company real success in North America, but we have to do that (Line) a. But the ideal is full, the reality is often very skinny. As the world renowned social communication software stronghold, the current European and American market is already saturated — up to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp to iMessage and Facebook, not to mention Messenger, outsiders can hardly expand the space for the. And for the communication as the core function of the Line, it is almost no difference between the new features. At present, the main social software MAU and expected earnings in 2016 (picture: Financial Times) in fact, Line has done differentiated competition. Around Line Friends launched the cartoon character expression shop and social gaming has been the Line’s cash cow business. To create a unique and interesting cartoon image makes the Line has a strong recognition and success in major markets in Asia, but the United States does not seem to eat this set. Social game consulting相关的主题文章: