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This dish, it is easy to do, but difficult to eat crabs * * – Sohu to have a lot of happiness on food, but the most happiness, is a crab. Every year the sun is fading, leaves scattered, then will eat crabs. Crab legs tightly bound and red in the steamer steaming. When I was a child afraid of stripping crab trouble, but Grandma peel one to guide me not to mind taking the trouble, the crab intestines to lose, crab lungs to skin clean, a lung shell cannot bite, black film below a small crab heart to pick, because that is the most cold site. Also, remember to dip in seasoning to eat, the material has ginger, cold solution. What I love most is the male crab tongs, each carefully stripping out a piece of meat with complete pliers, slightly sweet vinegar, the mouth with a sense of accomplishment and delicious, like a winter bed as people happy. For me, crabs and other dishes are different. Now I have to do their own crabs. Instead of water vapor with beer, malt flavor penetration, smell removed, just a moment in time to open the cover of the white steam gas filled, so I am particularly happy. Chill daily, not to add clothes. Rather than hiding in the warm kitchen, a crab, a cup of warm wine. — "eclipse · beer beer steamed crabs steamed crabs" * * 1, pot into beer, tied leg crabs for 10 minutes. 2, crab belly upward into the steaming tray, beer instead of water, steam for 20 minutes. 3, do a dip: ginger, sugar and vinegar. * *: differential stripping method crab round belly is female crab, the tip of the belly is the male crab crab crab legs down down down and crab separation. Break the crab intestines, discard the. Crab cover. Find crab cover in the crab stomach. Crab crab off on both sides of the lung, abandoned. Use chopsticks to pick out the crab’s heart under the black film of the crab body. Can finally eat! Cut the crab legs upper, middle stab, top of the crab leg. Dip feed, eat! When the crab body, eat. Shaoxing rice wine. The taste of happiness, but a crab, a cup of warm wine. I’m old ginger. Keep a stray cat, running a film company. In order not to pay overtime, I began to cook for my employees to eat. "Eclipse" is our meals to children to eat. Although not a professional cook, but is absolutely professional chowhound. Welcome to our food and cats. Simple life, more romantic than poetry. Warm up your heart and stomach相关的主题文章: