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Smart home to meet the needs of the elderly? Perhaps a series of Sohu technology about intelligent chat robot family, we first thought is a tech savvy young people, designers often put these people as the target group. In this regard, ume University School of design Kevin Gaunt has a different idea. In consideration of future smart home, Kevin Gaunt did not think of young people, or those "Airbnb style house, it’s full of fun to the person of science and technology". What he thinks is how smart homes and future voice interaction will meet the needs of the elderly. Kevin Gaunt believes that smart home should have a series of chat robot. Chat robot at present is a company ecosystem gatekeeper, "he told Fastcodesign," it gives me some inspiration. In the future smart home, whether there can be a lot of robot assistant, each robot to focus on a particular task, such as online shopping, manage daily expenses, or look at what the neighbors do." He imagined a device resembling a fuse box with a display panel on it. Each button is marked with a pattern that can be called a specific chat robot. Modular design of the device, the user can install different buttons to achieve different functions. Gaunt gives three examples. Surprise robot. The robot to understand the income and expenditure of the family, will give the elderly to buy some gifts, to coax them happy; two is to monitor the robot. The robot can monitor the situation outside the door. When an annoying neighbor visits it, it can issue a warning; three is a companion robot. The robot can play music, take out, or tell some funny stories. In Gaunt seems, the future of smart home may be like this. "When they try to do the right thing, but sometimes it’s hard to fail, I think our relationship with technology will change. It’s like having a pet at home." Of course, these chat robot is just a concept, the purpose is to inspire people to think about the smart home. Chat robot, artificial intelligence, voice interaction has become a major trend in the design. When new technologies come in, we often assume that the younger generation is an early user, but as chip prices fall and the cost of production falls, technology is already in our daily contact. Maybe our expectations are no longer true." Title from smartthings相关的主题文章: