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Baidu takeaway Zhenbing Gong send internal mail denied the merger rumors that the friends of the Tencent Francisco (Xiang Xin) today evening news September 30th, Baidu takeaway CEO Gong Zhenbing released internal e-mail previously denied rumors of a merger. Gong Zhenbing said in the message that it will adhere to independent operations, and said rumors had spread for friends. Baidu recently released a public response to Baidu takeaway sale rumors in September 6th. The official Baidu micro-blog emergency issued a statement: the recent media reports on the new Baidu and glutinous rice and takeaway business merger talks, related rumors inconsistent with the fact that Baidu has never hired Huaxing capital merger talks. With Baidu takeaway CEO Gong Zhenbing internal mail full text: Friends of fear! First of all, on the last day of September, I wish all the brothers and sisters of the Baidu takeaway eleven happy National day! This September will be written down in history. In the Internet industry in 10 years, the first time we see the friends, do not use unscrupulous divisive tactics to spare no effort to keep the bottom line, rumor, rumor, routine means clear, skilled, refresh limit: 1, the use of anonymous social networking sites, with the third party personal identity, to create a variety of attacks including the merger rumors, from the media and personal use the registration of fermentation spread; 2, and then to the company identity intervention, explicitly managers at all levels, employees, agents, staff room, with a neat forwarding message, and this included in staff performance appraisal standards, such as wages and dismissal will be forwarded; 3, the oppression of front-line staff, to take legal risks. Crazy to delete restaurant customers in other platform takeaway menu in the country, the business interests, at the same time with them; 4, the threat of poaching rumors of our employees, agents, business Home, asked to stop working with us. The madness of friends and business doesn’t stop us from moving forward. From since the beginning of summer, our business is still our stride forward singing militant songs to a new high efficiency! So the friends throw the helve after the hatchet, why?! In addition to fear, fear, transfer contradiction, no other solution! We understand that this year, friends are facing great challenges. On the one hand, financing is not the actual arrival, down 496 million mire; on the other hand, the management of money in cash at the same time, it can scarcely wait to launch PIP plan, promote the Department layoffs 25%-70%, by sacrificing the interests of employees, please employers, get support. I do not know if you have heard of the word "PIP"? PIP plans for friends in the first year of this year, referring to the 123 line of the city after the 15% employees, the staff of the four or five line of the city will enter the elimination of the early warning list, not reached the standard for two months, it will be cut off. At the time of PIP’s entry into the operational phase, it is no accident that the merger rumors are flying around the market, which is the best way to divert public attention and relieve internal pressure and contradictions. But in our view, is the most tragic way. To rely on rumors to survive and maintain the stability of the internal staff of the enterprise, but also the integrity of the two words as the core values, which is really a great irony. However, it is worth learning. Behind a group of any PIP duzhan, to be sacrificed sooner or later the staff is how to maintain high morale? This point is worth me.相关的主题文章: